One day trip to Subotica, Serbia - Part III

Hello and welcome to part three and final part of our daily trip to Subotica, a city located in the North of Serbia, very close to the Hungarian border. This trip happened on October 5th when my boyfriend and I decided to take advantage of nice and sunny fall weather and go on a one day adventure to explore Subotica.

Here are the links in case you missed part one and part two.

After exploring the city center area of Subotica, we decided to catch a taxi to drive us to Lake Palic in a Palic town that belongs under Subotica. There is also one area that is a Nature Park (also called Palic) with Palic Zoo but this time we didn't visit those two. Instead, we walked to Zvonko Bogdan Winery before heading back to Novi Sad.


Lake Palic

When we got out of taxi, this monument was the first thing we saw. It already gave us an impression of well maintained and taken care of area that made me really excited to see more. It's been over 10 years since I was there and I have to say that I noticed a major improvement. These signs with the name of the places became very popular lately, especially for taking photos next to them but we didn't take any of each other, lol.

More photos taken from the spot where the Palic sign is. It was very windy and I tried to take a selfie but my hair was flying all over my face so I gave up and took these photos. I really liked this cute lake cafe which was our coffee break spot later on.

It was finally time to move on and go for a walk along the nice walking path that follows the lake. I was happy to see that it was nice and clean, as us, Serbian people, can be really bad at leaving a mess behind and not dispose of trash properly (even when there is a trash can right there). There were so many picture worthy things along the way but I tried to keep the balance of capturing those and just being present in the moment, enjoying the walk and conversations with Mirai.

Three swan buddies enjoying the sunny day. I was being careful and kept my distance as I have heard some stories of people being chased by unfriendly swans so I just tried not to disturb their peace. On another photo you can see a beautiful tree with yellow leaves that I found absolutely stunning and it was a reminder that nature will change its colors soon into the real Fall ones.

Coffee break! It became a habit of ours to do a lot of walking, exploring and activities and take a coffee break in the middle of those, when we feel like we need one. Even though it was windy, I really liked this cute place and I can imagine it being full in the summer time. During our coffee break, we have decided to visit Zvonko Bogdan Winery even though it was about to close by the time we get there but we were hoping we could still take a look at it from the outside.

On our way to the Zvonko Bogdan Winery, we still stopped to take photos! It was a half an hour walk or so and we felt good after taking a break, plus the weather was lovely!

Zvonko Bogdan Winery

Approaching the winery, we were happy to see the gates were still open even though the working hours are until 4pm and we came there at 4:30pm. We decided to go in and walk along the path that is surrounded by the vineyard that leads to the building you can see on these photos. We were ready to be (nicely) kicked out but we saw a few vans, those one that TV stations usually have a bunch of people running around - it looked like they were preparing for a shoot or an event.

We continued walking by all those people and nobody said a word so we got to the winery and took some photos. Since the door was open, Mirai decided to go in and ask if we can quickly take a look inside and the girl at the reception said yes! Woohoo, I guess we were lucky that day! :)

The interior looked really stunning! I liked the chandeliers and book shelves surrounding the upper area - I hope you can see it on these photos. Glass windows, nice details, everything was fascinating.

Cute little corner and stairs that lead to the offices, not allowed for visitors but looking up, there is an amazing gallery wall that I took a photo of. After our short but sweet mini tour, we said thanks to the girl at the reception for letting us in and went outside where I took the next two photos before leaving...

On each side of the winery, there are two monuments - one is of the tamburica orchestra and the other one is of Zvonko Bogdan himself. He is a Serbian musician - performer, composer and poet and he is well known to be followed by the tamburica orchestra at his performances.

After leaving the winery, we walked back to the Lake Palic where we found a taxi station and went straight to the bus station to catch a bus back to Novi Sad. It was such a lovely one day trip, a lot of beautiful things to see, very nice weather and great company! :) I was reminded of the beauty of my own country and how nice it is to explore nearby cities and areas. I should definitely do that more often!

Thank you for joining me on this trip to Subotica, I hope you liked it and got to know the city a little bit through these posts.


Photos are mine taken with Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

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