Belgrade street photography and a visit to Saint Sava Temple

Hello everyone and welcome to a collection of photos I took in Belgrade earlier this month.


Street photography

Walking the streets of Belgrade you can find some real gems when it comes to architecture. I love older building designs and looks, I think it gives a city a lot more beauty and character rather then modern buildings.

Even the rainy days can be great for photography - of course I am an amateur who takes photos with an old phone but I can imagine a little bit more skills and equipment can give amazing photos. These ones were taken in Knez Mihailova street - the most popular street in Belgrade.

The oldest Serbian bookstore was re-opened this year after a few months of renovations and it is located in Knez Mihailova street. On the right, you can see a Prince Mihailo Monument that is located in the main Republic Square.

Skadarska street at night in the neighborhood called Skadarlija is one of the top tourist attractions in Belgrade. It has a very traditional vibe and look and it's often referred as a 'bohemian quarter of Belgrade'.

Saint Sava Temple

As the name says, this church/temple is dedicated to Saint Sava, the founder of Serbian Orthodox Church and it is the largest Orthodox church in Serbia.

My first time going inside the Saint Sava Temple was in 2017. when there was nothing inside other then bare concrete walls. Coming back now and seeing all these beautiful mosaics, big chandelier and other details really left me speechless.

I think that these photos cannot express the beauty of the temple and all the details. As you can tell, there's still work in progress and I hope I'll get a chance to visit again when all the work is officially done.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed these photos from Belgrade, I will share more Belgrade related content these days so stay tuned! :)


Photos are mine taken with Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

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