The Result Of Boredom End Up At Aqua Azul Beach Resort


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We were in my mother-in-law's house in Leyte on a summer day, watching a movie but we were bored, so my brother-in-law proposed we go to a cave, others recommended we go swimming and so we chose to go swimming in Baybay, Leyte. We discovered a nice resort that relieved our boredom.

It was a scorching summer day, but the breeze kept everything cool. During our trip, we discussed what we would do the following day and for the remainder of our summer vacation. We have to make the most of it.


We were entering a calm area with fewer people and all I could see were giant trees side by side, leaves on the ground and a very long road. I had no idea where we were until we spotted a signboard stating that there was a beach resort nearby, so we headed there and did not regret it.

I was not really excited though I did not expect much and I think that's why I'm very surprised when I saw the place. I did not expect it to be a really good resort but guys it was, it was so nice there.


We paid the entrance fee and were then told to select our own spot, we could stay in a cottage or sit at a table alongside the pool with chairs and a large umbrella. As I began walking, I noticed an L-shaped pool with a small playground adjacent to it. Many coconut trees could be found in the vicinity, I saw. What's more, the pool and sea were beside each other.


Here's a shot of the sea next to the pool, it was so blue it looked like a reflection of the sky. There were benches and there were coconut trees all over the place, so you could sit in the shade and relax with a blanket, observe how the tranquil sea meets the bright blue sky. That's what you'll see as you face the left side of the place.


And this is what you'll find in the resort's central area. The huge pool was shaped into a round. In the middle of the pool there is an island with benches, plants and trees. The cottages right next to it have a roof type that makes you feel like you're in Thailand or Malaysia. Also visible from the back of the cottage are green trees and a mountain. What a picturesque view.


We then dove into the pool, in the upper left photo you can see a photo of us with my kids and in-laws, as well as a slide at the pool's edge. It's actually a section of the pool with a deep level. They're playing volleyball in the upper right photo, but the ball went to the other side since my in-law slapped it violently. In the lower left photo, I was literally enjoying myself in the water I feel like I've returned as a child lol, my sister-in-law shot this photo as well as the lower right photo with my two kids beside me and me in the middle.


My mother-in-law is here, and that's a tiny bridge that connects the cottage side to the island in the middle of the pool. My kids adore swimming under that mini bridge and they keep going back, saying they feel like mermaids when they do it.


We felt like we were the owners of the entire vicinity after crossing that tiny bridge and relaxing on the benches in the middle of the pool. It's a little humiliating though because it's in the heart of the resort and most people can see you there. However, you'll enjoy the view from our back, which features a nice cottage style and views of the mountains while facing the sea.


It's just me and my husband and we were just chatting about how much we're enjoying this outing, how pleased I am to be swimming again and how nice it is to see such a beautiful scenery while relaxing and bonding with the entire family. It was well worth the trip to see this place.

That's all for this blog. Thank you for sparing your time visiting my blog. Adios!

Some photos were edited using Canva

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