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This was during the Lenten season and I wasn't able to take many pictures at the time, but I'll tell you what happened and what you can see there.

My sister's family and I had planned to go to Q Park for the Lenten season on a hot, beautiful summer day. We arrived around midday, so it's pretty hot and the place is already a little busy.


We ate first before heading inside. There were many food stalls around the parking area, so you could eat anywhere you like. As we sat and waited for our ordered foods, the family across from us struck up a discussion, asking whether it was our first time here and advising us to eat first before going inside because we might collapse so I questioned why, thinking it was due of the heat, but the lady responded it's really hot and we've got a long long way to go before we could reach our destination. I began to wonder what was inside because from what I heard it was a good place to rest, reflect and pray.

We went inside after eating to explore the place despite the heat. We debated whether we should trek up the hills to see the huge statue of the Virgin Mary or go to confession inside the chapel first.


Here's a picture of my sister and her husband, with the high hill in the background and the enormous statue of Mother Mary on top. Because the area is surrounded by trees and plants, it's not extremely hot. Yes, we decided to start by hiking up the hills.


Actually, the fact that my two children were wearing red tops with their cousin was purely coincidental.


Before you get to the foot of the hill, there's a small covered area beside the replica of the house of Mary with informational boards about the history of the place and other things you must know.

(That is my daughter and son, matching red tops.)


The replica of the house of Mary (made of stones) I mentioned earlier was shown in the back of this photo. I wasn't there when they took this picture because I was debating on the side whether or not to come with them up the hills.


This is the starting point of the hill going up to the statue of Mother Mary.


I decided not to come up with them because I don't think I'll be able to handle it, so I told my daughter to take some photos there instead. There are "anahaw" or palm-roofed kiosks in the middle of the stairs where you can rest for a while if you're tired of going up.


The area is truly surrounded by greens, trees, and plants, and even the rails on the steps are green.


This is what you'll see if you glance back from up there. That is a really steep climb.



And look! They've made it to the top, notice how they pose, it's clear that they're intimidated by the folks who were there. They've seen Mother Mary's huge statue. They said it was enormous and that the view from up there was spectacular.



When you try to glance down, you'll see another good shot from up there. WOOOW! Look at the view, they said it was exhausting to trek up but when you get to the top, it will all be gone and you will think it was worth it since you will be awestruck by the panorama.



And here's a photo of my son enjoying the breeze while resting, the exit is on the left side of the photo.

Following that, we proceeded to the open area where the confession was held and formed a line, which was quite lengthy at the time. I was unable to capture a photo because my phone's battery was low at the moment. We stayed for about an hour after the confession to rest, ponder, and pray. It was wonderful in the sense that all the heaviness I had felt had vanished.

That was how our Lenten Season visit to Q Park in Compostela went. As a Catholic Belief.

That's all for this blog. Thank you for sparing your time visiting my blog. Adios!

Some photos were edited using Canva

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