Zuma Rock- A rock with diabolic story

Zuma rock is located in Abuja, Nigeria. Its about (? 1668ft) tall, or more, no one has succeeded in climbing to the top until 2008 when a white man visited with an helicopter. The rock is belief to have some mystical power ruling it, on it front are eyes and a cut through the rock that looks like a nose and mouth. The rock was believe to be a hiding place for the gbagyi tribe during an inter-tribal war.


It's also belief that every king who dies travel to live under the rock. From research, the rock is said to be filled with water capable to flood the entire country if let out. During a heavy rainfall, the top of the rock catches fire and keep burning until the rain stops. This evidence makes the rumour of the rock being diabolic unarguable.


A story once told by a demonic man said the rock contains a world in it, a world for witchcraft and can only be seen with spiritual eyes, a loud noise is heard coming from the rock to welcome a king who dies after which the door is opened for him to access this world.


The rock is the biggest rock in Nigeria, the tallest and the widest and the has another beside it belief to be the wife. No institution or business built around it has ever succeeded, they run and die down in a very short period of time.


This particular picture was taking from afar, during my journey back from Abuja as we took a short route back home. Every picture taking on a closer range doesn't appear in a camera, the picture goes black.

Despite it diabolic history, Zuma rock is one of the tourist area to visit in Nigeria. The height of this rock is amazing and the width, leaving you in wonder how a rock could be that tall.


Need a place to visit when you travel to Nigeria, come to Zuma rock. Below are few other photos I took, enjoy viewing.