Mt. Caningag! Take me to the Sky once again


I wonder what birds can see or feel above. What it looks like when you're at the top seeing the whole surroundings that your eyes can reach. Thanks to this mountain I took a peek what's that feeling. I may not experience going around all over the sky. I had a little bit of feeling even in one place but I could see that my eyes could reach. It may not be clear but it gave me an idea even just a little of beauty being at the top of the world.



Information: Mt. Caningag of course a mountain located from Pintuyan, Southern Leyte. No one could tell me how tall that mountain was so I'll just say it's really tall. Starting from its town you can find the road going to this mountain. The road was concreted but it's inclined that even a motorcycle is having a hard time in running. This mountain is so popular from its height that if you see it from above you will think it reaches the clouds. It's good for an adventure but for sure it will be hard to arrive there just for a walk. Before you can reach that mountain you will pass a lot of small villages and people living there. It's not a forest but it's a mountain that is being taken care of.



We took this road to go to that mountain. I'm not sure how much time we spent traveling before we arrived. I didn't check the time but approximately it was almost an hour driving a motorcycle with a speed of 40-60kph. Not all roads had peaks but some were and it's scary to look below because even along the road I could see how high it was.



Let's fast forward and finally, we arrived at the mountain. The first thing that came into my mind when we arrived was the wide space. When I stayed in one place, some parts of the mountain couldn't be reached through my eyes. It's not about how wide but because even when I was there, tall curves were preventing my eyes from reaching it.



We went inside and this view with plants being planted leading the path in going above. For some reason, it's like a red carpet that leads someone to walk straight above that mountain. Although, it's not prohibited to walk over from those plants if you want to roam around. Perhaps, it's just decorations to look nice.



There were shed houses that could be rented because eating or having a picnic is allowed there. You can rent it for 300 pesos or 6 dollars more. They have a canteen as well if you want to buy food, drinks or whatever if you want to buy. I'm not sure if they have everything because it's not a convenient store.



Approximately more than 1 km starting from the entrance you can arrive at the top of the mountain. Worry not, the grasses are not tall but it's nice to walk those grasses since it provides a good feeling with your feet touching them.





They have decorations for picture taking but not that many. The good thing is that they were placed on different sides of the place to help you walk around the place. Before I will show you that first image that looks really high let me walk you to those materials that are good for picture taking.



Is it nice, right? This one is nice as well but it's a little bit scary since you can see how tall the mountain is facing the vast ocean. Even so, if you're that brave it's good to stay at that place for long. Feeling the strong wind that blows from the sea. Enjoying the view of what's under while at the top.



Let me show pictures for now and be silent for a short time. Let me tell you how I did or let me give you an idea of how long it was before I proceeded to other locations. Just nothing, I just love to mesmerize while I am in that place.

Okay, let's move on to another but unfortunately, the wind was so strong because of the southwest wind monsoon. I was afraid to recklessly take pictures with one hand. Just imagine if I didn't hold those rocks the wind might take me below. The strong wind was not a joke and to make you believe I have a video on my youtube. You can tell how strong after you'll see that video for sure.




The place or that mountain was a really nice experience. Walking and just walking around gave me a soothing feeling that made me think I should not go home yet. This is me and I always love the feeling when the wind blows while surrounded by a green environment. The chilling feeling came along with it that I even loved that place more.

I was thinking of laying down and used more time to stay there. Sad to say, I was not alone and I always thought about what my companions think. Instead of staying a long time I couldn't. Also, one thing I regretted was going to that mountain at the wrong time. The strong wind interfered and prevented me from enjoying more photographs to show the beauty of that mountain. I couldn't go to that place where the ocean seemed reachable. If I were forced to be there, perhaps I ended up hurting myself or my phone would be gone.

I have regrets but still, I was happy to be there. I've been wanting to be at that place because of what I've said in my introduction. I wanted to be at the top of the world where I could see how vast the ocean was and how pretty it was to feel watching the views below.

Thank you for reading
images are mine and this video



Paul is the name but prefers to be called mrnightmare that feels like living in the dream. A country boy and a dreamboy (dreamer) who likes to stay in a small village even though it means abandoning the future to become a seaman. The passion is writing but not sailing in the vast ocean. Don't wonder if the face will not be shown, this is better where the words can flow smoothly. Come, have fun with me talking about life events and random activities. It's fun to learn about life, don't hesitate, let's figure it out as we continue enjoying staying in this world.

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