Lake Lut Tawar, The Biggest Lake In Aceh Province

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On this occasion today I want to show some pictures on my way to a tourist spot in the Gayo highlands, More precisely, this location is in Central Aceh District, whose capital is Takengon. Central Aceh is one of the districts in Aceh Province whose territory is called the Gayo highlands. This district does not have a sea but Central Aceh District has a lake which is quite beautiful and in that lake there are many locations that have been visited Made as a tourist spot that is quite beautiful on the edge of the lake.

The lake in Central Aceh District is called Laut Tawar Lake. This is also one of the pride lakes of the people there because with this very beautiful lake, of course there are lots of tourist attractions that can be used as places around the lake.This lake is very close to the city of Takengon, the capital of Central Aceh District. At any time there are lots of visitors who vacation on this lake because it is very suitable to be used as a place of entertainment or a tourist spot.Usually tourists from abroad when they want to take a vacation and look for tourist attractions in Aceh Province and this lake is one of the choices.

Fresh lakes are lakes that are quite broad and have very good water discharge. Neng Laut Tawar is also surrounded by very beautiful mountains so that when we visit this lake, of course it becomes an entertainment for every visitor.All right, all friends here, I will show you some pictures on my way to a Laut Tawar lake in Central Aceh district.

Yesterday on Wednesday I went with a girl friend of mine to visit this Lake. Arriving at the location of the lake, I immediately entered one of the tourist attractions there and I immediately enjoyed the atmosphere and beautiful views of the lake surrounded by mountains.The waters or water in this lake is clear enough so that when we see it looks like there are shadows of mountains in the water. My message is here, I also enjoy the weather and very bright clouds in the sky so that the scenery I see can be better and more entertaining for me at that time.

There is a fishing boat that is looking for fish in the waters of the lake. In this lake, local governments often do restocking so that the aquatic biota are maintained in the lake area. Of course, there are many people who live around the lake who are looking for fish in this lake because there are so many aquatic biota that live in this lake. With the provision of restocking by the local government, it is certainly very good for preserving the biota in the waters of this lake.

on the outskirts of the lake there is also a small road, This small road is usually passed by people on foot. because we can enjoy the atmosphere when walking to go from one place to another in the waters of the lake. On the side of this small road, several large trees have been planted so that visitors are protected from the sun. And on the side of this small road there are also several blue tents, in this tent usually on holidays there are people who live close to the lake who sell under the blue tents that are available there.

on the small road on the edge of the lake I took a selfie with my girl friend. We brought a GoPro Hero 7 camera belonging to my female friend. when taking this selfie picture I used the GoPro camera because at that time my smartphone was already low battery. when my female friend was sitting on a rock and she asked me to take some pictures of her using a Canon camera.with a very good view, of course it was very entertaining for him when I took the picture.with a backdrop of views of the Fresh Sea which is surrounded by very beautiful mountains.

very dangerous road. on the edge of the lake there is also a small road that looks very dangerous because on the left and right side of the road there is a Stone Mountain which is very scary when we see it. I am afraid of this mountain for fear of landslides or other terrible things. so when I passed this road I told my female friend to get away from this road quickly and not to play around the road for long that looks quite dangerous. maybe when I saw the location of this road, my feelings arose, what if, for example, a rock on the mountain fell, I can not well imagine because I have to bear a friend of mine that I brought it. at least I'm a man who brings my female friend, of course I have to take good care of her.

me and my very beautiful girl friend took business to rest for a while in the available place on this lake.there is a pretty good place that is made like an umbrella and under it there are seats and we can relax there.after resting for a few minutes I took a picture of my female friend. here we can also see a view that is so perfect that female friends are currently very interested in taking pictures at this location. Seats or places to relax on the lake are made of cement which is very well carved. I really like to see buildings made of cement which have the beauty of the carving art which is quite beautiful.

I also want to take some pictures of the beauty of the aquatic plants in the lake. There are several piles of aquatic plants that are quite fertile and grow very well in the waters of the lake, At that time I tried to take good and good views of the aquatic plants.Indeed, when we see this, it is truly extraordinary and becomes an entertainment that I really enjoy and am very entertained for me by going to a place as beautiful as the one I visited.

When I got home I took some pictures from the top of the mountain with views of the residents' housing there on the edge of the lake. Besides that, I also took a picture of a building on the mountain with a fairly large size. From the top of this hill we can also see views that are so amazing and very entertaining when we feel.

Those are some of the pictures that I can show. On this occasion, I took them when I visited tourist attractions in Central Aceh District. Yesterday I left my place of residence around 10.00 in the morning and we got there around 01.00 in the afternoon, After spending about 3 hours at that location, we headed straight home because the distance we traveled was also quite far.Alright, all my friends, I say thousands of thanks to friends who have seen and read my article. Hopefully this article can entertain all of us and become beautiful pictures when we see them. That's all and see you later in my next post.

PhotographyLake and Mountain
Camera UsedCanon and Gopro
Model600 D and Hero 7
LocationAceh, Indonesia
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