Walking around in Stockholm, Sweden, Sep. 2021

Have you got vaccinated?

Stockholm City Concert Hall, Hötorget, Stockholm
Stockholm City Concert Hall, Hötorget, Stockholm

In Stockholm Sweden, they said that more than 70% of the population got vaccinated at least the first dose, so the government has announced that they would get rid of all the Covid19 regulations at the end of this month. It shows a big improvement in terms of the number who get sick and hospitalized as the number of people who get vaccinated. I am glad to hear that people have started feeling "allowed" to hang out outside and enjoy the sunny day before the city gets pretty cold in winter. 😉

Orfeus-brunnen by Carl Milles, a Swedish artist
Orfeus-brunnen by Carl Milles, a Swedish artist

My walk in the city started from Stockholm Concert Hall. This is one of the people's favorite places to hang out with friends and a place to meet up with friends. 

The Stockholm Concert Hall (SwedishStockholms konserthus) is the main hall for orchestral music in StockholmSweden.

With a design by Ivar Tengbom chosen in a competition, inaugurated in 1926, the Hall is home to the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra. It is also where the awarding ceremonies for the Nobel Prize and the Polar Music Prize are held annually. - Wikipedia 


As Wikipedia explains, this is where the awarding ceremonies for the Nobel Prize on December 10th every year for the anniversary of Nobel´s death. In front of the concert hall, there is a beautiful artwork of Carl Milles, who is a Swedish artist. I wanted to come here because I just visited Carl Milles Museum the other day. 😉 I have become a fan of this artwork especially for artwork which he designs with a water fountain. This is just so beautiful and relaxing to watch the artwork sitting at the stairs of the concert hall. 

Saint Klara Church, Central Stockholm, Sweden
Saint Klara Church, Central Stockholm, Sweden 

After I left Hötorget, I walked to Stockholm city station. This is a very beautiful church where is very close to the central station of Stockholm. It is called Saint Klara Church. Actually, I have been inside only once, but I like to come to this church to take a walk through the yard. In the central city area of Stockholm, this is one of the places where are many trees and have a very quiet atmosphere. 

Klara Church - Wikipedia 


A water fountain in the King´s Garden in Stockholm
A water fountain in the King´s Garden in Stockholm

It took maybe 10 minutes-ish away from Klara Church to the King´s Garden in Stockholm. It was a sunny and nice day to take a walk around the city. I have realized that I love water fountains! Actually, I did not realize until I check the pictures I took and realized there were many pictures of water fountains. Haha. 

Vietnamese restaurant in Stockholm

I was getting hungry...so that I decided to walk back to T-Centralen Station (Stockholm city station) where there are many restaurants around the area. And, yes, I had some cravings for Asian food so that we decided to go to a Vietnamese restaurant. 

This was my first time coming to this Vietnamese restaurant. I order a Vietnamese sandwich called Bánh mì. 😀

The baguette was very very crispy and it was so tasty! To tell the truth, I tasted that it was a bit fusion kind of taste (the taste which was changed to something the Swedish people would like) so that I added a bit of fish sauce and Hoisin sauce. LOL! I had to add some extra Asian flavor to make it very Asian! 😆👍

Saigon Baguette


Instagram of Saigon Baguette


Bánh mì!! Yes! So tasty!! 😆
Bánh mì!! Yes! So tasty!! 😆

Walking in the night in Stockholm city 

T-Centralen Station (Stockholm city station)
T-Centralen Station (Stockholm city station)

When we left the Vietnamese restaurant, it was getting dark. It was nice to take a walk after we had dinner. It is the best kind of walk in the cool air in Stockholm. I love September in Stockholm because it is not too hot and not too cold. Yes, it is just the perfect kind of weather so-called "lagom" in Swedish. The air is dry so that you do not get sweat even though you walk a lot. Also as it gets dark, you can start to enjoy lights in the night. 

NK, Nordiska Kompaniet, a luxurious Swedish department store.
NK, Nordiska Kompaniet, a luxurious Swedish department store. 

Nordiska Kompaniet 


This is just a sportswear shop! LOL! But, it was beautiful!
This is just a sportswear shop! LOL! But, it was beautiful! 

Royal Dramatic Theatre
Royal Dramatic Theatre

When we came to the Royal Dramatic Theatre, it was pretty dark outside.  But at the same time, the lightings were pretty beautiful at the night. 

Royal Dramatic Theatre - Wikipedia


We decided to walk along with Stockholm bay.
We decided to walk along with Stockholm bay. 

I would like to recommend coming to this beautiful restaurant if you have a chance to visit Stockholm. It is called Åangbåtsbryggan.  Oh, sorry that the pictures are pretty bad....but the restaurant looks very good! We were full already so that we did not get in there, but we decided to come back next time when we decide to come to central Stockholm. 



It is getting cold a bit by a bit in Stockholm. I feel that autumn is just around the corner, or maybe it has come here already. It was nice to take a walk before it gets pretty cold in Stockholm. 😉

  🥦Ha det så bra! 🥦
🥦See you again! 🥦

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