Hann. Münden - the beauty of small German towns 😍🇩🇪

Hello to all Hive friends! :)
Today I will show you a small but beautiful German town that most of you have probably never heard of. I am talking about Hann. Münden. It is located in Lower Saxony and is near to Gottingen and Kassel. Although not very big, the city provides great opportunities for walking, recreation and various attractions. Everyone in the area should visit it.


The Fulda and Werra rivers merge in the city to form the Weser River. There is a great view on the place. The place is very quiet and many people camp and relax there. From there, to get to the city center, you cross a bridge, from which great photos can be taken. I imagine how beautiful it will be at sunrise and sunset.



Crossing the bridge we head to the center and from the very beginning you can see the interesting architecture and streets of the city.


The streets of the city are really quiet, perfect for a walk. In front of you is a great architecture, specific to the small German cities. You can see houses built more than 600 years ago that are still inhabited. The city also has a great botanical garden where you can enjoy many different plants, not only from Germany but from all over the world. There are also a bunch of small cafes where you can enjoy afternoon coffee and restaurants where you can have a delicious lunch. We enjoyed very delicious ice cream there with my little cousin.







In the center of the city is located the town hall. The building is amzing and really impressive. I was surprised that such a small town has such a town hall. The building has a large clock, which plays every hour in a very interesting way. Various figurines come out and make a mini show. Many people gather in front of the building to see it.
Next to it is another landmark of the city - The large Lutheran church of St Blasius. It is in Gothic style and impresses with its details. It is definitely a landmark worth visiting.




Most tourists look for big cities, famous landmarks and attractions and miss the small pretty places. Sometimes, however, we have to pay attention to them and enjoy the peace and beauty that they offer us.

I hope you enjoyed the tour ! 💛❤️🖤

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