A Date on the Boardwalk

Hello, Hivers! I finally got a chance to go on a date with my aunt after months of being stuck in the house.

I was so excited about going out. I've been telling them how much I wanted to go out, and sit by the sea. We were still inside the vehicle when I imagined the view of the sea, it made my heart flutter. I couldn't wait to reach our destination in Naga.

I was here before. I think that was 2 years ago. I've seen on social media that they've made changes here, so I was also wondering as to what kind of changes they have made and how they have improved.

Screenshot (2730).png

As we walked there, I saw these cute santan flowers along the way. It was quiet and peaceful. I thought fewer people were there since it was Monday, a busy day.


When we got there, I thought. Could it be that they were also thinking like us? We went here on Monday to make sure that there were few people, but to my surprise, there was a lot.


I guess we must have the same thought. Another is that the place looks totally different from when I last came here. It's way nicer now.


My aunt took this photo of me. I look like a child sulking because I didn't get what I wanted, lol.

Screenshot (2731).png

"How do I pose? Like this? or this? " "Nah, I'm too shy to do that kind of pose." "Noooo! I can't and I won't do that, there are so many people looking at me. " "How about this?" "Should I also act like I am taking a photo of you?" All I did was just stand there and think about what pose I should do.



After that, we went straight to the boardwalk and wow! Look at that view. It's so beautiful. It was windy and the breeze was cool. I felt so happy just by looking at the sea meeting the sky.


I look so awkward. I tried not to show how nervous I am when striking a pose, but I failed. I can't strike a pose when I know there are a lot of people around me.

Screenshot (2733).png

My aunt kept telling me to jump, but since I'm shy, I did this awkward jump that resulted in this pic. I thought I looked funny. If someone was looking at me that whole time, they were probably silently laughing at me.

Oh, trying to get that drama shot, huh?

Then we headed to the other side of the boardwalk facing the mountains. I couldn't take my mask off since the place was a bit crowded.

Screenshot (2735).png

While we were waiting for the sun to set, I took out my phone. I was holding it below me when I realized that a photo at that angle would look great. I placed my phone on the ground and took a photo. I told my aunt about it and she tried to do it too. Suddenly, a plane passed by. I took a photo of it. The sky was so clear and blue that it was clearly seen in the photo.


Later on, the clear blue sky slowly turned to yellow then to pinkish grey that made the scenery look even better.


We sat down, talked for a while and then decided to go get some food. Right then we saw a sign that said "PEAstry Shop". They were packed with customers. I was thinking if their food tasted that good to have that many customers, or maybe because they were the only shop that sold a variety of foods here. Well, there was also another one, but they only offered fries and drinks.


When we got there, luckily there was a vacant table outside beside the railings, so we sat there. While waiting for our food to be served, I struck a quick pose because I was in love with the color of the sky.

20211018_174121.jpg(Sorry for these photo bombers/water galloons hihi)

My aunt ordered a carbonara while I picked a mango waffle, and we both had our elemental juice. Mine was fire red while hers was blue water.

Screenshot (2737).png

I imagined the waffle to be small, but when it was served, ohh it was kinda bigger than what I had in mind. We started eating, and I have to say, it was really tasty. It was worth the price. It's not so sweet, and the cream and waffle go well together. I also like how the waffle is shaped like a heart.

Screenshot (2739).png

While eating we talked about how beautiful the place is, how it gives different vibes when it's day and night.

We headed to our next destination, which is the Pasilong sa Naga (Shelter in Naga). Sadly, we weren't able to get inside because it was temporarily closed due to the sectoral tours for the Nagahanons. So, here's a sneak peak of the place.

Screenshot (2741).png

I was fascinated by how beautiful Naga has become. I remembered back then when someone said, "Naga", the first thing that came to mind was about how they had many witches in the city, but now it has a lot of tourist attractions, and it keeps on improving.

Screenshot (2743).png

We ended our date by taking a photo of me with that thing that made me realize how small I really am.

A special thanks to my beautiful date/aunt @kellyane for taking a photo of me.

See you in my next blog!

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