The beautiful Milan


Hi everyone! I really enjoyed visiting Milan in Italy, and I want to show you some nice spots from there.

First, there is The Dome or the Romano-Catholic Cathedral, an emblematic monument for Milan and Italy. I guess there are a lot of photos on the Internet with its facade, but not that many with the views from the roof of the monument. As you can see, the view is fantastic. Also, the interior of the Cathedral is gorgeous, but I usually don't take photos inside churches/ cathedrals in my journey because I consider these places holy and I want to somehow show my respect for that.


Quite near the Dome, there is this fashion spot, Vittorio Emanuele Galleries, where you can find famous designers exposing their collections, such as Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, etc. Everything looks fancy here and very impressive, even the pavement.

Finally, I want to show you an inside view from La Scala theatre.


We weren't able to catch a theatre play while we were in Milan, but we have still found a way to visit the inside of the theatre by buying a visiting ticket. The theatre looks very monumental and I imagine that the plays are also great ones.

So, hope you enjoyed these Milan spots. From my point of view, Milan is an attractive place to visit and I can easily see why it is also one of the most important fashion capitals in the world.

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