Slovenian Keys

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In May 2019, I drove around the Pskov region. I visited Pskov, the Pskov-Pechersk Lavra, saw a unique bridge of the 19th century in the small town of Ostrov, drove into the Pushkin Mountains and examined Izborsk.


Izborsk is a town in the Pskov region, it is included in the TOP-5 of the oldest cities in Russia. The first mention of it in chronicles dates back to 862. "The Tale of Bygone Years" tells us that this year the Varangians were called to Russia and Rurik's younger brother Truvor sat down to reign in Izborsk.

In the Middle Ages, Izborsk was of great strategic importance. Now it is a small village that lives off tourists.

There are few sights in Izborsk, but they are very significant! Firstly, this is the Izborsk fortress, and secondly, the Truvorov kurgan, and today I want to tell you about the third significant place. These are the Slovenian Keys - one of the main natural attractions of the Pskov region


There is a version that they are named after the founder of Izborsk. The story is ... Gostomysl lived in the ancient Novgorod lands. He was either an elder or a prince of the Ilmenian Slovenes. In general, a respected, authoritative person. Legend claims that it was with his light hand that the Vikings were called to Russia. This Gostomysl had a son Sloven - he founded Izborsk. Keys were named after this son.


Slovenian Springs are springs flowing straight from the sheer cliff. There are twelve such springs in total. They merge into a single river and flow into Lake Gorodishchenskoye. By the way, the second name of the Slovenian Keys is the Twelve Apostles.


Many legends are associated with these sources. According to one of these legends, to be healthy, rich, loved, you need to drink from all 12 sources, but some of them are very difficult to get to, almost unrealistic.
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