Proposal for Haveyoubeenhere 2.0 WEB + Android Launch! 🥳

Just want to vote the proposal? ❤️

Proposal in short

We are looking for 170 HBD per day for 5 months to develop a web version for Haveyoubeenhere 2.0 from the ground up (incl. a way for Haveyoubeenhere 2.0 to generate revenue, read more below), add chat and push notifications to the mobile version, start market research + marketing and make small improvements to the other projects .

Break down of costs

  • 70 HBD per day to keep @martibis developing and designing for 25 hours a week.
  • 40 HBD per day to keep @patheldawal developing for 10 hours a week.
  • 40 HBD per day for market research and a small scaled marketing effort
  • 20 HBD per day to cover various costs most notably the server costs for the various projects

If at the time of any proposal-related transaction out of the @martibis account, HBD is over 1.05 USD the difference in USD will be send to @hbdstabilizer, this is done to assure the proposal is not being over paid when HBD is of its peg.

Haveyoubeenhere 2.0

Haveyoubeenhere 2.0 will be available on iOS within the next two weeks! 😁

What work will be done?

The main focus of this proposal will be to finish the web version of Haveyoubeenhere 2.0 and add chat, push notifications and new search options to the mobile app. The deliverables are:

  • Finish web version for Haveyoubeenhere 2.0
  • Finish way to generate revenue for Haveyoubeenhere 2.0
  • Market research + small scaled marketing
  • Chat working on both Android and iOS
  • Push notifications working on both Android and iOS
  • Search on hashtag working on both Android and iOS
How will Haveyoubeenhere 2.0 market itself

We plan on marketing Haveyoubeenhere 2.0 towards the end of the proposal once Covid restrictions ease up and we have made some headway on the web version of Haveyoubeenhere 2.0. The main focus will be the following:

  • Influencer marketing on various platforms (travel blogs, Instagram, YouTube, etc.)
  • Experiment with direct ads on social media platforms (Peakd, Ecency, Instagram, Facebook)
How will Haveyoubeenhere 2.0 generate revenue?

The current plan is to have a freemium model for the web with the following options, please note that this is up for change.

  • Free: web version of your Haveyoubeenhere 2.0 profile at
  • Paid subscription: web version of your Haveyoubeenhere 2.0 profile on a custom domain through us. This will mainly be targeted at travelers who want to dip their toes in having their own online travel blog.
  • Paid subscription: WordPress plugin(s) where you can add certain features from your Haveyoubeenhere 2.0 profile directly to your WordPress website. This will mainly be targeted at already established travel bloggers to enhance the experience of the visitors on their site.
  • Paid one time fee: set up of the plugin(s) can be done by us.

For those not familiar with the project, you can find more information at or jump directly inside the app by searching for Haveyoubeenhere 2.0 in the Android play store (iOS coming soon).

The other projects

I have incorporated two legal business entities in Georgia (the country), both as limited liability companies. One named Haveyoubeenhere and one named The other projects. The idea is that smaller projects will remain under the The other projects umbrella, until they can become their own spin-off LLC. The following projects are included under the The other projects umbrella:


A collection of the best travel content on the Hive blockchain shown on a map with a strong curation team behind it. It's also one of the oldest projects on the chain.



In less than 10 seconds generate a button and copy-paste it in your posts or on your websites to let others donate towards you and / or your cause.

Upcoming ideas for the other projects
  • Hive wallet: first design
  • Lettucemeat: food-sharing app, more details later

Previous proposal

There is one more update up and coming for the current proposal (iOS launch). Below you can find the update for the last three weeks and a link to the previous updates as well. As proof of work you can always check my GitHub too. 😁

Update work: week 7 - 11


The biggest news for this update is that Haveyoubeenhere 2.0 is now live on Google Play! 🥳
Quite a few of you already found your way to the app and have been giving us a bunch of feedback ❤️. We're working on some of the requested features and are fixing the bugs you found as quickly as we can. For a list of known bugs check below.



  • Profile design is finished
  • Trip design is finished
  • Notifications (in app) are finished


  • Website: complete revamp of the info site for Haveyoubeenhere 2.0
  • Profile: every user now has a map on their profile with their waypoints
  • Profile: every user can now make trips, which are displayed on their profile
  • Profile: you can now edit your username and profile picture
  • Profile: you can now tap on followers, following, countries and waypoints to get a quick overview of all of the above accordingly
  • Trip: tripview is completed, you can now see waypoints linked together on a map
  • Trip: you can now delete trips from Haveyoubeenhere
  • Post: you can now delete posts from Haveyoubeenhere
  • Notifications: showing in app notifications is working including grouping multiple of the same notifications together


  • Profile: api call to return all waypoints for the profile map
  • Profile: api call to return all trips a user created
  • Profile: return list of followers, following, countries and waypoints accordingly
  • Trips: api call to create trip
  • Trips: api call to return waypoints from a specific trip
  • Trips: api call to delete trip
  • Post: api call to delete post
  • Notifications: api call to get grouped notifications

Structure and architecture

  • Set up EC2 instance + load balancer for production
  • Set up production database
  • Organize GitHub better

Known bugs

  • Issue with notifications showing incorrect number of notifications
  • When tapping on a single waypoint on map it is stays on loading
  • Adding your own location sometimes doesn't work
  • Adding your own location search it stays on loading
  • In a trip, when scrolling the images in the media carousel the trip itself scrolls back
  • Uploading an image after editing in a third party app causes an issue

What we still need to finish in the upcoming 10 days:

  • Launch Haveyoubeenhere 2.0 on iOS (we expect this to be ready within the next few days, but depending on the Apple review it could take a few more days).
  • Fix bugs mentioned above
Past updates

Wrapping it up

I love to create dapps for the Hive community. Often users have asked me why I created these dapps, what was the motivation behind it. For me it's very simple, there are two reasons: without the Hive community, I wouldn't be where I am today, so I want to give back and two I absolutely love creating and working on these projects. Coding for me is like legos, you can build whatever you want once you understand how. To wrap this post up, I would like to give a big shout out to a few Hiveians who have helped me from very early on during my journey and stuck with me through it all: @choogirl, @livinguktaiwan, @roelandp, @crimsonclad you are all incredible and I'm one lucky man for having run into all of you years ago at the start of my Hive journey (I know I missed some other amazing people, but you all know who you are). Also a big big thanks to everyone who supported the last proposal and took a shot at this crazy dev. Last but not least thank you to all delegators to @pinmapple and thank you @blocktrades and @theycallmedan for helping us reward epic travel content every day. ❤️

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