My first week back in Tiblisi

After spending a day in Batumi, I've now spend a good week in Tiblisi. Summer is clearly coming to the city with most days over thirty degrees Celsius. I'm definitely quickly falling for this city! 😄

Fabrika (ფაბრიკა)

Fabrika is a big courtyard with a bunch of bars and places to eat and most importantly a bunch of stunning street art. I definitely got a bit of Berlin vibes when I was here. Just having a few drinks in good company whilst taking in the street art all around. Sounds like a good evening to me! 😄

My rating: 8/10

Airbnb Tiblisi

I'm completely enamored with the Airbnb I'm currently staying at in Tiblisi. It's a tiny apartment on the top floor and right opposite of the flat is a terrace that's shared by the families living in the building. I've been just sitting here with some fresh juice working away on my upcoming project Lettucemeat and life feels spectacularly okay!

Sameba (Holy Trinity) Church

This is the biggest cathedral in Tiblisi (and if I recall correctly, Georgia). The size definitely caught me off guard as it feels a lot smaller from the distance. A lot of people in Georgia are very religious, so this place still holds a lot of value for people here. For me it was a great haven of tranquility. There was almost noone there when we walked around and inside.

Underground pass

In a lot of places in Tiblisi you can find some incredible street art. I already showed you some from Fabrika but also at random underground passes you can find stunning pieces like these. Those of you who have been following me for a while already know I have a soft spot for urban exploring and street art. Tiblisi definitely is giving me ample opportunities to enjoy both! 😄

My rating: 8/10

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