Moving once more from Glamping Tago to Tbilisi!

Right now I am back in Tbilisi, to start work on a new exciting project (more on that some other time). I already miss the beautiful sunsets of Tago and the quick night dives in Batumi! Than again, Tbilisi is a city full of excitement in itself and its great to be here and get involved in new projects here! 😄

Glamping Tago

The last three weeks or so, I spend at Glamping Tago. It's my brothers glamping which has officially opened it's doors 19th of June. It's been an amazing journey to see this idea come to live. As you might recall about three months ago I have posted when I had first arrived there. All there was, was one lonely tent that me and my brother initially shared. Right now there is a yurt that operates as a restaurant, there is a sanitary building where you can shower with an amazing view and seven more tents have been constructed and cozily decorated! 😄 Honestly, proud of my brother he managed to get it all set up in such a short time and for those of you who like to connect with nature and people I would highly recommend you to check it out! 😄 It's in the country of Georgia and you can find more info at 😄

My rating: 10/10

Chakvi Beach ჩაქვის პლაჟი

Late on the evening, just before curfew I went to relax at the beach in Batumi. As there was almost noone around, it was great to relax with a beer and just enjoy the moment after a short swim!! 😄

Aromi Italiani

On the way back to Tbilisi from Tago, I spend two days in Batumi and of course swinged by my favorite Italian restaurant in Georgia (so far)! 😄 I couldn't resist eating a slice first before taking a quick picture! 😅

My rating: 8/10

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