Glamping Tago

Glamping Tago

We started the day early from Glamping Tago. The plan: do the two hour and thirty minutes hike to Shkalta than take a ride to Khinkhani fortress, back to Skhalta and do the hike back!

Skhalta Monastery

During the hike we had some amazing views and at the end we were rewarded with the Skhalta monastery. Unfortunately I forgot to take any pictures there, but it's an eden of tranquility.

My rating: 7/10

Khikhani fortress

After having the jeep break down we eventually made it to Khikhani fortress after an amazing drive. Unfortunately when we arrived the borderguard there didn't allow us to go up because there was a risk of avalanches. Nonetheless the area just below was stunning as well.

My rating: 9/10

Glamping Tago

To finish up we hiked the way back from Skhalta to Glamping Tago, but we severely underestimated how tough the hike back up would be, after an exhausting climb we eventually made it back though. And right now I'm about to collapse whilst writing this! 😄

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