A hike to the Shuamta Lakes, Adjara, Georgia

Shuamta Lakes

Three days ago I set out on a hike to the Shuamta Lakes in the Georgian mountains, and what a hike it was. When we set out the weather was super sunny and it was a comfortably warm day. From Alpine pastures into the snowy mountains in three hours we had ascended from 1500 meters all the way up to 2200 meters. But oh boy, it was worth it. In the middle of the mountains, cut off from the world lies a small abandoned village, in summer occasionally used by sheep and cow herders.

After catching our breath for a while and taking in the scenery we set up camp and with the nightfall we lit a big campfire and shared the wine we had brought all the way. Enjoying until late at night, closely huddled up to the fire. Eventually the temperature started to drop and we went to sleep. The next morning it looked like it would be a beautiful day (to the point where I wanted to jump into the lake 😂)!

Suddenly we were met with other voices, not quite what we were expecting! Some locals had set out here and somehow managed to drive a car to the village. They told us they had seen wolf tracks not far from where our camp was! Unfortunately (or fortunately) we didn't see nor noticed the wolves which must have passed by during the night! They asked if we wanted a ride back, but we declined, it was a beautiful day and adventure awaited!

Little did we know that in less than 30 minutes the weather would completely change, the way it can only happen in the mountains. All of a sudden it became incredibly misty and the rain started to come down. We were consumed by the clouds. After sheltering for a while we decided to wing it, and we set out on the hike back.

With just a few meters visibility and the rain it was cold and more challenging than expected. Eventually the rain stopped, but we ended up walking through the mist for a little over an hour before we made it back to the car. After changing into some dry clothes and turning up the car heating, we all relaxed and set out on the drive back! 😄 100% would do it again!

My rating: 10/10

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