A journey near Dodanduwa town in a beautiful environment with a fishing and tourist lifestyle, where religion is respected.

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Hello my loving travellers,

Greetings from Sri Lanka. how are you guys? I hope you are well. I try not to miss every opportunity I get to travel around our beautiful island. I hope to travel to different areas so that I can gain an understanding of the natural beauty, geographical features and people's life in that area. I took the day off from work yesterday because my wife had to attend a wedding ceremony. The wedding ceremony was held in a beautiful hotel about 24 km from our house. During the journey to take the wife to the ballroom, the opportunity arose to travel through several cities. Today I hope to present to you some interesting scenes that I saw there. Today I hope to present you another beautiful travel experience.


The wedding ceremony was held in a ceremony hall located near a beautiful lake near the Hikkaduwa Pathana area. About fifteen minutes after starting the journey from our house, we reached the Gingthota bridge. Gingthota Bridge is a bridge built across Ginganga and is wider. The estuary where the Ging Ganga and the Indian Ocean meet is located near this Gingthota Bridge. Yesterday morning, the rain clouds were full, but within 30 minutes, it turned blue and the sun began to shine.


Two bridges have been constructed across the Gingthota. One is across the main road and the other is across the railway line. There is a bio-diversity system of mangroves on the side of the railway line.


I could see the other side of the Ginthota bridge as I traveled on the main road. It is the area where the mouth of the estuary connects with the Indian Ocean. It is beautiful to see the sky and the ocean being blue and the same color appearing along the horizon.


As you proceed along the coastal road, you can see beautiful views of the Indian Ocean. The calm flowing waves of the Indian Ocean evoked a most serene moment. Biodiversity mangrove plant community and coconut trees are constantly seen here. They are well located in the salt-mixed environment that they need to grow very well. Actually staying in such beautiful places and even traveling brings great relief to the mind. We don't care about the sun when the natural wind waves blow over us.



After a little while, we arrived at the town of Dodanduwa, which was a fishing port. When we reached Dodanduwa town, there were many multi-day and one-day fishing boats at the fishing port. It means that the fresh fish harvest has arrived at the fishing harbor building. There is a strong belief among many people in the southern province. That is, to buy new fish, one should go to Dodanduwa town in the morning. The same amount of fresh fish can be bought from the Fishery Corporation building at a minimum price.


We stopped at the fishing harbor to check the prices of fish. But not to buy. I also wanted to prove that what people believe is true. By that time, a large crowd had arrived at the Dodanduwa fishing port premises and started bidding for the prices of fish. Another group of fishermen went to the small fish stalls built near the road to prepare fish for sale.



There was no traffic on the main road and it felt peaceful. Therefore, there was no obstacle to reach the destination on time. Many tourist lodges could also be seen during the journey. It is commendable how some resorts have worked to park the vehicles and plant trees in harmony with the environment.


Dagoba, which houses the main objects worshiped by Buddhists with great respect, was like a small temple in the middle of a Bodhi tree and a statue of Buddha. These small shrines are set up to facilitate quick pilgrimages for motorists and commuters.



At the turn from Dodanduwa Junction to Elpitiya Road, immediately after the railway line, an old temple full of beautiful and mixed architectural elements could be seen. I wanted to enter the temple, but my wife temporarily stopped it because she was wearing a wedding dress. Usually, if we enter a temple, we are dressed in a white colored dress. A tall Buddha statue can be seen in front of the temple. The two temple buildings are finished with different architectural features. I will visit this temple on a later day and present a separate content about it.



I quickly approached the drop area on the Hikkaduwa - Baddegama road through the Dodanduwa side road. Although my wife is supposed to go to Riverside Villa, she first met Shini Utsava Hall which was a famous place for wedding parties. Shinei, a wedding hall located in Hikkaduwa Pathana area, has become a very famous place for weddings among young couples nowadays. I really like to see the architectural designs here.



I have a special pleasure in sharing another beautiful travel experience with you in this way, and I think you will feel a special pleasure in my travels. In fact, through each of my trips, I hope to show you the special knowledge as well as the beauty gained through me.


Hikkaduwa pathana area has some of schools for give educate children. Sri Sumangala national scholl located very near to Pathana and many children studying threre. Currently education has so many big values to improve future generation.




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