The Overview Park | Bukidnon, Philippines

The Overview Park

The fascinating beauty and cold weather of Overview Natures Park in Quezon, Bukidnon, Philippines. The place has something to offer, it will surely be part of your bucket list when you plan to visit Mindanao.

It is situated in the Bukidnon-Davao Road, a good spot for riders and travelers to rest while enjoying the view. Bukidnon came from a word "mountain dweller" which was known as mountain ranges.


What to expect at THE OVERVIEW PARK?

  • Panoramic View
  • Stunning Mountain Ranges
  • Friendly & Hospitable Locals
  • Good Food
  • Cold Weather
  • Calmness and Peacefulness of the place

How to get there?

Its just too easy, if you came from Davao Area, just follow the Bu-Da Road and if you came from Cagayan De Oro, simply take the Sayre Highway Road. Both roads are literally connected but it is famous on their name. You can Waze or Google Map it if you are not so familiar of the Mindanao Area.

The park is just alongside of the road, you cant miss it because of its signage and of course it is a bit crowded specially weekends.

Our Experience in Bukidnon


This happened in January 2020, a month before covid-19 outbreak. Just because i missed her, i want to tell our travel story going to The Overview Park.

I came from Cebu, we are in a Long Distance Relationship set-up about 428 kilometers apart. Every first month of the year, the routine is to visit her. She is a local girl in the neighboring town of Quezon which is the Valencia City.


I captured her but she captured my heart first. Anyways, we went there January 1st, 2020. The place is a bit crowded since its holiday. Our source of transportation was Bus, about 1 hour travel time from Valencia City.

If you guys are planning to visit the place, i suggest you go there before sunrise to see the sea of clouds and to experience the cold weather because during noon times its a bit hot since there were only few trees that surrounds the park. So unfortunate that we didn't saw the sea of clouds because we don't have our own vehicle.


And this is me, trying to be cute in front of the camera. Cut the joke....
The real deal on this travel was to relax and enjoy the view. Spending couple of hundred bucks on this travel is worth it, after seeing your girlfriend and experiencing the best view of the Mindanao.

And also there were statues of the indigenous people that said to be the local leaders and care taker of the area before it was developed as a park. There are also four big gazebo built. It is a jaw dropping when climbing the last gazebo, about 500 meters from the main gate of the park.

It was truly amazing, locals there are very friendly, they sell lots of souvenirs and shirts on very affordable price. This was really a memorable one, i will be back here after this pandemic.


Before we went home to our apartment, we stop by in the Valencia City Plaza. Aside of its nice place, there were plenty of delicious street foods along the plaza, unfortunately i dont have any photos because my phone this time was low battery.


To end the night, I had a great dinner together with my girlfriend and her aunt. The native restaurant is located along the Valencia City Plaza and it offers delicious foods on a very affordable price. The restaurant is called "Chicken Native", their main dish is a native chicken boiled for about 4 to 5 hours. The place was so nature friendly, i love everything about Bukidnon.

If you want to travel The Overview Park, make sure to visit Valencia City. You'll be amaze of its people and the food.

Happy Traveling

Leave No Trace, just Love

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