Monument of Buzludzha, Bulgaria - a symbol of the communist regime

Today I will walk you to an emblematic landmark for Bulgaria. I'm talking about the Buzludzha Monument!


The monument is a symbol of the communist regime in Bulgaria. It is one of a kind and is the greatest and biggest symbol of communism in the country.

It was built in the middle of the 20th century, when the Bulgarian Communist Party was still ruling. It is located on the eponymous peak Buzludzha in the Balkan Mountains.

There is a relatively good road to the monument and it can be reached from the town of Kazanlak. There is also a second road, whose starting point is Shipka. So if you have decided to visit the majestic monument of Shipka, do not forget to go up to Buzludzha.



The architecture of the monument is impressive. The main building looks like an alien plate. Next to the main building there is a high column. A pentagcle is built in its top. There were powerful searchlights in the pentacle itself, and the light that illuminated the nights was so strong that it could be seen from the border with Romania.

I have heard stories that the pentacle was made of the ruby gemstone. There were attempts to break it and fire at it in order to take pieces. Whether this is true or the stone was the most ordinary I can not answer.


When you reach the top you can really feel the grandeur of the monument and the spirit and atmosphere it brings. And the views from the top of the mountain are truly breathtaking. When I got there for the first time I just wanted to stand and admire the beauty of nature.


Inside the monument was no less impressive. Old photos show the incredible ceremonial hall where the communists gathered. There were also a number of mosaic decorations. They showed portraits of prominent and high-ranking communists, the then leader Todor Zhivkov and his daughter, various stages in the history of the Communist Party, symbols such as the Serb and the hammer and others.



At the end of the 20th century, however, things changed. In 1989, the Communists fell from power. The condition of the monument is quickly invested, all the symbols are destroyed, the pentacle is fired. None of what was remains the same.

Today the monument is locked and visitors are not allowed to enter. Photos of the ceremonial hall show the sad reality. In fact, nothing ceremonial is left of it. The whole monument is painted with graffiti.

This is actually quite unfortunate. Whether this period of government was good or bad for the country can be said a lot. But the fact is that it has been a pretty big part of our history. And the Buzludzha monument is part of this story, the story is written inside it. And I think it is good for the monument to be restored. And if people want, to be able to touch it closely and learn new things. It is a pity that such a monument is collapsing.


However, even today the Bulgarian Socialist Party, which is the successor to the Bulgarian Communist Party, follows a tradition. Every year in August they organize their fair near the monument. However, I do not know now due to the pandemic situation whether they are holding the event.

And although abandoned, inactive and unusable, I think that the monument is one of the most beautiful places. Nestled in the beautiful mountains, he keeps part of our history. And even forgotten by many people, it will always remain a great place to visit.


If you are in the region, do not forget to combine the beauty of Bulgarian nature with this incredible architecture and connection with history.

Thank you for your attention! 😍

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