A Mind Blowing Musuem Visit for my Sister's Birthday

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It was my sister's birthday and she has officially departed the train of teenage years and now she is embarking on the new journey of adulthood. I was thinking about what to give her as a gift but I couldn't think of any so might as well ask her what she wanted for her special day. She said it was okay if I cannot give her any presents but of course, I won't let her birthday just simply pass by without letting her feel how much that day means so much to me. I insisted so she had no choice, haha!. I know this gift won't say enough about how the two decades of my life with her were overwhelmed with gratitude that she gave me the chance on how it is to be an "Ate" (older sister).

Instead of any material thing, she said she wanted to visit the The Mind Museum at BGC. Specifically located at JY Campos Park, 3rd Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.

She's the type of person who has a huge fascination with science so it will be all worth the time and money exploring this museum.


On our way to the museum, this cool signage can be seen before crossing the street. And a T.rex's huge footprints also left an imprint on the concrete road. I guess he is fond of visiting museums too. I wonder what a chicken has something to do with T.rex? I guess we'll find out inside. I also wonder if a T.rex is allowed to go inside for free. 😅

We paid 750 pesos per head for a 3-hour exploration. You have to choose from the two allotted time slots. It's either 9:00 AM to 12:00 noon or 12:00 noon to 3:00 PM. We chose the former. Students and teachers are discounted, just present your ID for validation. Senior citizens and PWD are discounted as well.

They are closed from Monday to Thursday. So make sure to come here on weekend. Since we are still battling with a pandemic and it is still not yet lifted to endemic, for safety purposes, only fully vaccinated visitors are allowed. And for those unvaccinated minors, they should be accompanied by a fully vaccinated adult.

Upon the entrance, we were greeted by a displayed robot named Adei. Its welcoming message about the universe is already mind-blowing. It will surely put out the fire of your burning desire for knowledge about the vast universe beyond.

So off we go, join us as we explore at our own pace in the spirit of scientific discovery.


Inside, some of the mind-boggling things to be explored here that will satisfy your mind's curiosity are:

10 of the most beautiful experiments. These inventions have greatly changed the life of mankind since then in ways that they help in lessening the burden of everyday life, either in technical or medical fields. One of these of course is the robot, that through the years, with great science exploration, has been continually upgraded amazingly.





The next stop is The Majesty of Universe. I guess it was mine and my sister's favorite. We were both speechless with how we felt like we were staring at a real sky, with countless sparkling and twinkling stars. We were walking under a vast universe above and it took us on an informative journey of discovering amazing facts about the stars, the moon, the planets, and the universe itself. Even on how far humanity has done things in exploring the space for people to have a glimpse of its wide and endless wilderness.



And then, we went to see The Lightbridge. The inviting rainbow-colored bridge shares incredible facts that light seen by humans is only the 10th trillion of the range of the light that exists in the entire universe. And the amazing ability of another kind of light that - from waves that make it possible to listen to radio tunes into powerful gamma rays that aid medical treatment.


Static Van De Graaff. Here, we didn't let the chance pass by with the fun experience about how things react to static electricity, magnets, and current. And let my sister's hair says it all when she touched the static ball.


The machines and inventions that have changed the pace of our lives. Just how amazing science has brought up in making these things possible. And the shown images below are just some of them.



Well, this one talks about the historical invention of the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell.

The up-close encounter with The Whale Shark, or the butanding, the biggest fish in the sea. We enjoyed the moment by taking pictures with this gentle giant. How great would it be to see face to face a real whale shark?




And eureka!, we found The T.rex who crossed the street earlier. A 68-million-year-old Tyrannosaurus rex protein that confirms dinosaurs share common ancestry with chickens.




And our 3-hour museum was over. I was happy that she enjoyed it. I suppose she had a blast. A mind-blowing museum visit gave her a blast, more than any grand birthday party can offer.

Thank you Hivers for dropping by. Until then!

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