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Hi everyone.
It's my first time on a trip like this that I never even thought about it. I went to a place where people sell flowers and this is my first time going to this place. At first I didn't want to go to the arts.

Because of the work I have to do, I can't help but come here. Tokok bungu yes that's exactly the place I went to. For price survey purposes, I had to come to the flower shop to ask about the market price of these beautiful flowers for sale.

There are so many types of flower plants here, I am almost confused about what flowers to ask. This flower seller is a very busy man, so I am a little calmer about the seller's service.

The man explained one by one about the flower trees he was selling from $ 2 to $ 150. It turns out that flowers have a fantastic price.
This man explained to me a variety of flowers. Because I am a price survey, this man explained in great detail.

Various types of flowers and fruitful plants are also on sale here. I started asking about this flower and what kinds of flowers are in this shop.












Have you seen the flower in the photo above? If so, let's continue this discussion. This man told me that the flower that can withstand all the weather is a single flower or we can say the main flower tree that is not combined with other flowers.

If flowers that have been combined with other flowers usually cannot withstand extreme weather or die easily if there is a change in weather. Flowers that are combined are usually decorative flowers in front of the house.

For flowers that grow long and are resistant to weather there are single flowers like flowers planted in gardens. Usually in a city there will be a park to decorate the city. So for the flowers in it, the flowers will be chosen very well so they don't die easily.

For a good size flower in the garden, in a garden measuring about 50cm and above. So that these flowers grow quickly and adapt to all weather conditions in the flower environment that we plant.

Maybe that's the story of my trip to the flower shop and this is the first thing I just did. And I think the flower seller is very good at serving and explaining to me.

By @kudfa

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