Blog #81: Have You Been To Moalboal, Cebu? | Things You Need To Know

Hey Hivers!

My Moalboal trip was finally pursued after I moved the date many times. But this trip to Moalboal was unexpected. Heading to Oslob was my original plan that day however, there was no bus came.

I got tired of waiting and when there was a van came with a sign board Moalboal, I immediately changed my mind.


As I arrived in Moalboal and alighted from the van there was a man who greeted me and introduced himself as a motorcycle driver. I chatted him for a while and asking him how much would it cost if he conveyed me (alone) to the White Sand Beach. His reply was Php100.00. As per information from him, that was the regular price to all motorcycle around.

I negotiated him if he could make it Php50.00 since I am just alone. He didn't agree so I excused him and looked for another driver.

Since I was doubtful, I did ask to other driver. The other driver told me it was only Php50.00. It would only cost Php100.00 if they conveyed 2 passengers since the fare is Php50.00/head. He clarified.

After knowing it, it left me no more questions in my head why that driver lied to me. It has already known to me that there were some people who would take advantage to the travellers.

As a traveller we may encountered abusive people wherever we landed but don't worry there are still many good people around.


The other driver agreed that I would only pay him Php50.00 as soon as he conveyed me to White Sand Beach.

He instructed me to secure first a pass slip since it is a requirement for the beach goers.

How To Secure A Pass Slip?

Step 1: Visit Moalboal Municipal Tourism Office

Step 2: Get a form and fill it up. Write your name, contact number and address. You can find the form/s outside the office building.

Step 3: Get inside the Tourism Office with your filled-up form. Settle the Php25.00 as payment for the Environmental User's Fee. Hand it to the in-charge and wait until they will give you the official receipt. The process won't take long. And after few minutes, you already have your pass slip.

Present the pass slip upon entry in the White Sand Beach. By the way, aside from the pass slip, someone will also collect Php10.00 for your entrance fee.


Unwinding In The Late Afternoon

As I finished checking in and fixing myself, I headed to the beach. My attention was being captured by this lovely color. The color of the stuff was absolutely eye-catching. I went closer to check what's going on around and I found out that these people had their pictorials in the beach. Cool venue, right?


It was tranquil since there were only few guests around. This is why I love travelling on weekdays.

Never mind to my messy hair, it was breezy. I loved how the cold breeze touches my face and messes my hair.

I could only see few people had checked-in of this resort. The place was so quite and peaceful.


While hiking in the beach, I had met locals and I asked one of them to took me a photo. Haha



My Morning Walk @ White Sand Beach

On the next day, I woke up at around 5:00 o'clock in the morning to have a morning hike in the beach. The majestic creation of God greeted me.


I was definitely fell in-love of this paradise. Doing a simple hike in this remarkable view, oh it rekindles my heart.


When we were get connected of the nature it helps us to think clearly and helps us to empty our mind from the thoughts that it is not worth of grasping.


I am an independent woman who loves being alone in a serene place. This could be a therapheutic activity.


It was indeed a good morning, full of good thoughts and scenic view.


There were few people around. Same as me they had also enjoyed the morning beauty of the beach.


I was already far from the resort where I checked-in. I could not see it anymore. It left me unaware since I had truly enjoyed the walk.


Do you like the view? I absolutely love it.


I just walk around with my barefoot. It feels great especially when the sand touches my feet. It created a strange and good feeling.


After a long walk, I just sat down and took a deep breathe.



Interacting With The Locals

When I travelled to different places I always look forward chatting with the locals. I want to hear their life stories or just a simple talks with them. And these 2 amazing teenagers had touched me emotionally.

They sell these stuffs everyday to help their parents to have food for the family. Instead of focusing to their modular class, they headed to the beach and bring those bracelets and other stuffs. They were hoping that someone could notice and will definitely buy those stuffs to them.


And these 2 friendly men who explained to me how to catch the octupos. Though I already knew it and have a little knowledge about it, I listened to him the time he explained to me.


While walking going back to the resort, these 2 men on the boat shouted and greeted me "Good Morning".


My Best Buddies In Moalboal

They Took Away My Fear

I have a great fear of dogs. Actually, I really don't want to get them closer. But my experience in Moalboal was different.

Although we just met but they never barked at me. They are so friendly. When I had a long hiked, they kept following me or sometimes they walked beside me. Oh, I was really touched, it seems that they guarded me.

These buddies truly took away my fear of the dog.










As I left the place, it seems that I left the piece of me.

Thank you for reading and see you on my next blog. Cheers!

Some photos were edited using Canva


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