Blog #207: One of the Most Visited Spots in the Healing Island | The Cambugahay Falls

Happy Sunday Hivers!

I was occupied with some other crucial things last week. Even how I tried to write a blog but I found it difficult because my focus was greatly affected. But here I am today excited to share with you my Cambugahay Falls experience in the Healing Island.


Few weeks back, I was with my friend travelling in Siquijor Island. One of the tourist spots we'd visited is the Cambugahay Falls. Have you been there?


The Cambugahay Falls is situated under the jurisdiction of Lazi municipality. It is 2 kilometres away from the main area of Lazi town. Compared to the other falls that I had visited, walking towards the Cambugahay waterfalls is not challenging. The pathway is concrete. Although it's a little bit steeper but the hike takes only few minutes. After walking the 135 steps of stair the sight of enchanting waterfalls welcomed us. Although it is situated in a secluded place but it is very easy to locate, you only have to take the stairs.


I was looking for a comfort room by the time we arrived in the waterfalls area, however, I could not find even one comfort room, an improvised changing room was only provided.


After a while, my friend @demzmay had tried their tree swing. It only costs php20.00 (.40$). I didn't try it since I had already tried tree swing during my visit in Kawasan Falls last year. Although the experience was great but I don't want to do it again because it gave so much pain in my nostril.


But after we had enjoyed riding the floating raft, I jumped in the water and I had felt again the pain in my nostril but it's ok though because the pain is just tolerable not same as I had experienced in Kawasan Falls.


The Cambugahay Waterfalls has 3 levels of pool and our tour guide told us that the first level is the deepest among the 3 pools.


My friend and I both agreed to rent the floating raft, we wanted to get closer to the falls and wanted to have a waterfall massage. It only costs php50.00 ($1).







The loud noise and the presence of many guests made us decide to transfer to another pool. We prefer to swim away from the noise.


The second pool is the best pool for me. There were only few people around unlike to the 3rd pool.


I enjoyed swimming here with less noise around. The therapheutic sound of the flowing water brought peace within me.


Well, it's time to strike another pose for my photo souvenier. This is important to me because when I could no longer travel because of health issues or anything atleast I have wonderful photographs to remind me of the wonderful memories I had in my younger years.


I was already felt cold as we went to the first pool of Cambugahay. Since we bathed already in the second and third pool I was not in my best mood to plunge in the first pool. It was really cold. My friend also expressed that she also doesn't want to bath.


The experience we had in Cambugahay Falls was great although the time was just limited but we were able to enjoy the wonderful scenery; the pristine blue,cold and flowing water; and the simple yet entertaining activities.


Thank you for reading and see you on my next blog. Cheers!

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