Bremen: A donkey, a dog, a cat and a rooster

Hey guys,

today I want to tell you a little bit about Bremen, where I spent a weekend before the pandemic with a friend of my university. She offered me a little sightseeing tour, so I could not say no.
First, we went to the cathedral of Bremen, which is called "St. Petri- Dom". Since the 13th century it was rebuilt in the Gothic style.The cathedral adorns Bremen's market square and looks very impressive.It was built in 789 by Bishop Willehad, who was originally from Saxony. Finally, in the 11th century, the basic structure of the present cathedral was built. Around 1900 and after the Second World War it was restored for a long time.
Especially impressive for me were the two hall crypts and the whole five organs!Unfortunately, I could no longer find the pictures from inside in my album, otherwise I would have loved to show them to you!
For me, the market with the people who eat and enjoy the day and do not keep distance it´s a little unrealistic but i like it to remember..


I will definetly come back and enjoy some days in the next Christmas holidays in Bremen and i will visit this beautiful place again!:)


"Bremer Stadtmusikanten"

The four animals, the donkey, the dog, cat and the rooster are called the "Bremer Stadtmusikanten"- they are probably the most famous landmark of Bremen. On the picture below you can see the Bronze statue by Gerhard Marcks, which was build in 1953. The statue should remember of the famous Fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm. In this post, i would like to tell you a little bit more about this fairy tale.
The fairy tale tells about the four animals whose owners want to give them away because they are too old and too weak and can no longer do a good job or to eat them. So they try to leave home and meet each other on the way. Their plan is to go to Bremen to earn money as city musicians to make ends meet. But when they have not yet arrived, they discover ine robbers' hut in the forest. The robbers are having a good time inside and have plenty of food with them. Now the four of them have an idea: they scare the robbers by standing on top of each other, as you can see in the photo from the bronze statue, and thus drive the robbers away. Now they enjoy the sumptuous meal.






After seeing the Bremer Stadtmusikanten, my friend took me to the Böttcherstraße, its a very famous street in Bremen, because of its history in the NS- dictatorship. The Nazis didn´t like the art style of the Böttcherstraße, even the art style of the Sculptor Bernhard Hoetger. So he decided to create "the Lichtbringer"- he wanted to show his admiration for Adolf Hitler to get more orders for his art. But it didn´t change, he didnt´t get more orders. But the relief still exists today and its a memorial of the NS- dictatorship and the discrimantion and oppression all the way into the world of artists. On the photo below you can see a gilded bronze relief which has got the name "The Lightbringer".On it you can see a figure with a sword in his hand, which just tries to defy a dragon.We visited the relief a little late in the afternoon, but it shined even great althaugh it went a little dark.

The "Bremer Roland" you can see in front of the





I hope you enjoyed my post today. I was very happy to post on Hive again, I wasn't here for a whole week now. What do you think about Bremen? Do you like the city, which sights would you like to visit here?

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