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Cuba Jungle Hike
Topes de Collantes Nature Park

The day started with an old Russian army truck that wound it's way into the mountains, and taking us to the Topes de Collantes Park. This nature reserve was a great way to spend a day.
This is not what you think of when you think of Cuba. Lush dense growth and ....

Cuba 08 097.jpg
Nice swim spot

noticeably cooler then the beach we were staying at.

This micro climate, due to the fact this side of the mountains receives a lot of rain, and elevation is a temperate temperature, makes this an ideal location for growing coffee.

Being a protected area, there is numerous wildlife, and little development, a truly wilderness experience.

We walked along a narrow trail, passed coffee plantations, rivers, waterfalls....

Cuba 08 088.jpg
Russian Army Truck

and lagoons.

The guide pointed out some bamboo, which can grow up to 2' per day.
We made our way to a waterfall, and after taking some pics we stopped at a .....

Cuba 08 096.jpg

lagoon and had a refreshing swim.
Then back down the mountain and a delightful lunch, and back to the hotel.
A number of smaller parks make up the nature reserve, and is only 30 minutes from the town of Trinidad.

During the revolution in the late 50's the rebels....

Cuba 08 104.jpg

hid in these mountains.
To visit the area, a guide is best, they are not too expensive. The trails are not well marked and you don't want to get lost. There is a military base nearby.

Hiking isn't a pastime in Cuba, it is not really part of their culture like in some other parts of the world.

Encompassing over 12,000 hectares, hundreds species of birds, orchids, ....

Cuba 08 108.jpg
Town of Trinidad

tropical fruit, pineapples, bananas and interesting sites.

Overall an excellent excursion......

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