Firefly Watching at Candijay, Bohol, Philippines

Back in the days, there have been stories about a tree being haunted if there are many fireflies in it at night. Today, when there are fireflies, it becomes a tourist spot.


When I heard that our neighboring town has a spot for fireflies watching, I brought up the information to my family. They were all in favor of the idea so we headed to Lungsod-daan, Candijay Bohol. They have their floating restaurant but they also offer island hopping, Kawasihan adventures and firefly watching services.

The floating restaurant is a dining place where the base of the structure are boats. So this floats in the river. These are some of its photos:




We had dinner first. After which we signed up for the firefly watching. This was the boat that we rode towards the spot where there were numerous trees with fireflies in them. We were very excited about it that we finished our dinner fast!



These boats are made for this activity as they made some benches facing each other in the boat, this is not how a usual fishing boat is designed so it has been customized for this firefly watching activity.


Of course we have to wear life jackets for this activity as we have to get into the boat. Life jackets are required for safety purposes. It was already 7:30 in the evening.

There was a brief orientation of the said activity, what's the history and the guidelines and rules when we reach the location. Here are some of them:

  1. No catching of fireflies
  2. Minimize your voice so as not to disturb any elements in the river
  3. No standing up or moving around while the boat is running
  4. No flash photography
  5. Don't forget to enjoy!


I had very low expectation for this activity, first because I only knew a little about fireflies but I together with my whole family learned so many things about these creatures! They are amazing and enchanting.


Do you know that the male fireflies are bigger than females, the light they emit are cold light, they only live for two weeks! And that they are waterproof! Oh, thanks a lot for our tour guide who had given all these information!

Here's a video I took of the fireflies. They use their light to communicate thus they are blinking! I wish to go back soon!

Note: I already forgot the service pricing though but I am sure it is very affordable. A boat can take 12 passengers.

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