Bitoon White Beach Anda Bohol Philippiens

Last month of May, we have been to several white sand beaches here in our town as well as the neighboring town in Anda. Bohol is surrounded by beaches, there are white sand and also black sand beaches over here. I have not heard if there are pink ones but there are also pebbled ones for today's blog article, I'd like to share with you Bitoon White Beach located in Candabong, Anda, Bohol, Philippines.


This is a publicc beach resort with cottages maintained by the locals hired by the government to take care of the beach. Indeed it has powder like sand. It is called Bitoon due to the presence of starfish. Bitoon is a Bisaya term for star.

We came around 11 in the morning, just right for lunch. We took the cottage at the center part so we can have a clear view of the beach. We have kids with us so it was necessary for us to be able to see the entire beach. It doesn't have that much of a long stretch but what's nice about this is that it has grilling area, there are stores around and fishermen often dock here to sell freshly caught fish!


This is the view from our cottage. The fee was at Php 450. This is quite expensive but that's a whole day of usage. Also, there's a parking fee of Php 20 for four wheel vehicles while motorcycles will have to pay Php 10 only.


Since its summer, the skies were clear, blue and it was perfect for an afternoon swim. I didn't let Matti swim until it was not too hot anymore. Also at around three in the afternoon, most of the visitors are already on their way home, so the beach won't have that many people around anymore.

Also, it is noted that there are some dead seaweeds randomly present in the area. The care takers would often take them out too!

More view of the beach:





My baby's feet looked super cute here. This was taken at around two in the afternoon, there were only a few visitors swimming. The beach was pulling back because it was already low tide, the coral stones are now visible!


Also, in the right area, there's a coral stone cliff which gives shade to the visitors. Most visitors stay here while waiting for the sun to set down. There's no problem if there are no chairs or tables, we can just sit right into the sand.




There are also tire interiors which have been inflated that kids and adults can rent for Php 50-100 according to its size. We didn't bother renting one because we brought with us our floaters.



As the water becomes shallow due to low tide, we can have a clear view of the stones underneath the water. The water was very clear!





We went home around five in the afternoon when the sun was about to loose its light. Our family goes to the beaches every now and then to chill and just relax most especially if the kids are around because kids love to stay in the waters.

Have you been to the beach lately?

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