Hello Communite! This is BAHIA BRAZIL


Hello people out there!
My name is Joao and i am a cheff leaving in Bahia, Brazil.
I'm from São Paulo but since the beginning of the pandemic I decided to change my lifestyle and move to a place closer to nature. My adventure started in Barra Grande but now im leaving in Itacare. Over here we have great beaches, good food and a lot of sun. I will try to bring some of that experience for you all.

I Could not start with a different one, here we can see my best friend Bagana and one of the famous itacare beachs called Tiririca, is located in the city of Itacare and is frequented by a young public where sports such as Surf, Skate and Altinha are practiced,

Bagana is a beach dog, he is our mascot but for him the situation is the opposite, he doesn't like collars and doesn't need company to go for a walk


Here most of the days are sunny

Sunset over Rio de contas, the Rio de Contas is 620 km long and is the main river in bahia



In company of a Jiboia, is a snake that has no venom and is known to strangle its fangs. luckily this was just a baby that was returned to nature


Here's the trail to Prainha in Serra Grande


Serra Grande is a charming village 30km from Ilheus (Jorge Amado airport) where you will find 3 beautiful beaches and 2 waterfalls. Serra Grande is also a hub of organic products and people seeking sustainable alternatives


That's Sargi Beach, a beach where you can walk, run and ride a bike, also known for soccer games such as Altinha and Futvolei


Here we're at Jeribucaçu beach trail, that's one of my favorites places over here. Jeribucaçu means big mouth Alligator. There we have 3 beaches and natural pools



As promised now some of what we eat around here
One of my favorites appetizer, Toast with home grown zucchini sott'olio and gorgonzola cheese

Beetroot gnocci stuffed with ricotta and carrots


Pumpkin soup with sour cream, ginger and pumpkin crisp


This fish is called Bonito, a versatile fish that matches with many recipes. Here we can find a lot of good fish


A great view to have a beer and listen some good music. The most played music styles around here are samba and forro.


Itacarezinho Beach trail


Itacarezinho Beach
Itacarezinho is a turtle spawning beach, there is a social project that takes care of the area. On this beach we have 2 restaurants and a long stretch of sand


I hope you all can feel a little of what it's like to live here in Bahia in contact with nature and over time I'll be posting more, for those who are passionate about cooking I will try to post the recipes in other communities!

Photographs of my authorship.
Photographs taken on with a Samsung S20 Fe 📱 phone.and Xiaomi Mi 9 📱 phone.
Itacare, Bahia - Brasil
Serra Grande, Bahia - Brasil

** No animals were harmed

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