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St Lucia Trip On Estuary Water

Visiting the estuary it is well worthwhile taking in the view from on the water, offering another angle, masked up and ready to go we departed from Sunset Jetty (there are a couple of options available), price around before arranging.

Advantage Tours our selection at ZAR220 per person in July 2021, remember this was out of season and during lockdown, not many people traveling the town was quiet and smaller cruiser used on the day. Cruise lasts around two hours.

Boat dog to keep us company, he has obviously done this regularly he had good onboard boat behavior abiding by all the rules, he was exempt from mask wearing.... lucky dog.


We opted for the 10h00 cruise, a later 15h00 was available enjoying the sunset, we had however visited the jetty and enjoyed the sunset earlier in the week. Young fellow enjoyed sitting up front with the dog as companion feeling the cool breeze from the bow.


First up in a tree is a python, well I looked, did not see so going to put two photographs up perhaps you will spot it and let me know...


Guides showed us with both being extremely excited, even took the second photograph using my camera saying you will see it! Well still looking....


Did manage a quick snap of two woolly-necked storks (Ciconia episcopus) sitting together, perhaps their sight is better than mine.


Knowing the waters, having two guides watching both sides of the water we soon arrived right next to the bank of the river to see two Nile Crocodile (Crocodylus Niloticus) basking in the sun.


These two were young and quite docile, everyone did move back away from bow to ensure avoiding any sudden possible lunge at the boat. Previous years going on river adventure we have seen enormous crocodiles.


At the same spot a hippo was not very happy and did charge from within the reeds along the riverside, we moved on.

Looking back at the village of St Lucia you will notice the R618 bridge that crosses over into town, this is the only way to enter, road and pedestrian bridge.


Bridge is built at a slant, higher on one side to the other. From memory we were previously told it was designed like this for heavy weather conditions.

Further up along the estuary very few bird sightings, mid winter we heard the Fish Eagle cry, saw a Purple Heron at a distance, actually a disappointing day for bird sightings only managed to photograph the Woolly-necked storks earlier.

To make up numbers in the water was the Happy Hippo, hippopotamus (Hippopotamus amphibius) a reasonably large pod along the waters edge.


They say we are hairless 'river horses', I'm not so sure let's take a closer look at those bristles...


Some kind of 'hair' in the ears and on the back...


Now one thing they do is come out to eat... mostly at night, when returning to their part of the river, will belly flop straight over the edge of the river bank as shown, something I would love to witness!


Moving further along we spotted a baby crocodile using a log to prop up on, possibly looking for insects to munch on for lunch.


The midday sun beats down on the water, not much wildlife was seen today, sadly this estuary is not in the best of health needing a lot more tender care.


View of some dead mangroves, these are dying off by what I understand due to lack of salt water breaching into the estuary at the frequency it should.


More healthy patch, hopefully in time this whole region will be demarcated to wildlife, remove farming and mining let nature take back what is rightfully hers. St Lucia has potential to fully recover.


All the action over, dog told us as much lying down to relax in the sun....


Another quick look at the R618 road/pedestrian only bridge into town from the river, with slant.


Onto the Sunset Jetty to disembark.


A pleasant morning out, this African Daisies (Gazania rigens) reminded me "Tomorrow is another day." A walk down memory lane, flowering Gazania each time I visit I stumble into one I remember @dswigle #alwaysaflower (situated right outside ladies powder room, where I came out well relieved.... to photograph!)



All photography my own using Canon Powershot SX730 HS camera - 7th July 2021. Any queries or requests please drop a comment below or make contact with me, have a wonderful day! Photography without tripod, go with the flow wherever life takes you. NB: Amateur photographer in nature, keep smiling!

Thought for Today: "Do not insult a crocodile while your feet are still in the water." - African Proverb

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