A trip to a river dam that was built tens of hundreds of years ago

Hello all dear friends.
I hope everyone is always in good health and always successful for all friends wherever you are.

On this very beautiful occasion I am back again in this beloved community for I want to show you some pictures that I took while I was on a trip and I headed for a large river cloud which was made to flow water to the countryside.

Before I tell you about this place, I will tell you a little about my journey to this very beautiful place.

I went this morning at nine o'clock and for sure I haven't woken up yet and a friend of mine came to my house to wake me up, he said are we going to the wedding ceremony.

And the venue for the event was approximately 1 hour 30 minutes until I arrived at the destination, after I was woken up by my friend, then I immediately got up and took a shower in a bit of a hurry because my friend was waiting outside.

So I immediately took a shower and after that I immediately put on clothes to immediately go to the venue of the event and on the way I also stopped at a train repair shop on the side of the road.

Because I want to fix a few problems on my car and also add a little radiator water for the car engine cooling, and after that I continue my journey until I arrive at a laptop shop, because in a few days ago.

An OTG that I have is broken, so I can't connect the memory in my canon directly to the laptop and I stop at a laptop shop where there are lots of accessories for electronics.

And I bought the OTG at a price that wasn't too expensive so there I also spent a few minutes and after that I continued my journey until I arrived at my destination.

My first goal was to come to a wedding and I arrived at the event at 12:45 minutes and I took a short break because I was tired of carrying the train.

And the road that I passed was also not good and had holes. Worse, there was a lot of dust flying when the stone and sand hauling car passed.

There I can say that there were a lot of cars because that place is an area for producing stones in rivers, including rivers, which I will tell you about in the future.

So after I arrived at the event venue and I immediately went inside to eat and coincidentally it was also time for lunch and I went in and took rice and some other menus.

What is certain is that at the venue it was very exciting, we could meet old friends and if we talked about the food, it was definitely very delicious.

What I see is that there are several menus provided there, and all of them stimulate our appetite to eat.

After I ate at the party and we all went out and sat at a coffee shop, that's where we chatted and joked when we met old friends and of course it was very exciting and all of that reminded us of our high school days.

Those of you who have attended high school certainly know how exciting it was at that time, so while we were sitting and drinking coffee, the idea arose for us to go to a very beautiful place which I show the pictures here.

Because it also happens that this beautiful place is a large dam that was made decades ago, it still stands very well and we can also see very clean water flowing down.

This place has a lot of visitors during holidays such as Sundays because we happened to come here on Tuesday, so the people weren't too crowded.

They come here to see the beauty of this place and this place is in a mountainous area, we all know that the mountains are very cool air and green scenery that makes our eyes fresh.

And what is certain is that during the dry season as it is today, the river water is very clean and we can see here with blue water and when I arrived at this place I immediately took some pictures of the buildings that were made at that time.

And here I also took some pictures of the place with various locations that look beautiful and here I also took some stairs to go up.

What is certain is that this place is a very beautiful place for us to enjoy the beauty of the atmosphere with a large dam and very clean water.

And here we can also take a bath to cool our bodies, and the most amazing thing is that the river water here is very cold because this river can be said to be a large river of rocks.

As I told you above, those who brought stone transport cars, in this river also took the stones, and maybe you all can also see there are pictures that I show are also very many stones stacked in the river.

So that's my story when I was on the journey until I arrived at a very beautiful place like this.
Hopefully you all can be entertained with all the pictures that I show above.

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