A Traveler's Tale of Global Village Exploration

Hey Everyone In the Pinmapple community, I hope you all are fine and doing great. Today I'm going to share my travel experience of visiting Global Experience

Before Getting Into Exploration, Let me give you a little introduction about Global Village

Global Village is a Cultural and entertainment Festival that takes place in Dubai ( United Arab Emirates ), It usually starts in November of Every year and ends In April. The dates of the Festival can be changed according to the weather and other conditions. So, Before Traveling to Dubai, especially to Global Village, you must Visit their Site.

Last Year I got The chance to visit this Wonderful Place During My travel To Dubai. My travel to Dubai was of 5 Days and I spent 1 day Exploring The Global Village believe me 1 Day is not enough to Explore this place Completely. It has so much to offer to its visitors.

In front of the turkey enclosure, I met this Young man who was selling the Coffie. He was equipped with a long attractive Coffie container, I asked him to capture a photo with me.

Maybe He only knows the thumb-up pose to capture photos. He was so kind and offered us Free Coffee when we told him that we were From Pakistan and visiting Dubai For the first time.

This Articial pink flower tree was the center of attraction and many people were capturing photos in front of it.

You can see how calm and colourful place this was. Every country had its own enclosure to show its culture.

As I said in my post earlier, It requires almost 2,3 days to visit this place properly. Due to time shortage, we only entered 2 to 3 Enclosures.

The place started to fill with people as it turned dark and in the dark, the lights enhanced the beauty of this place.

In the American enclosure, I located the Statue of Liberty, it looked very beautiful in the Green colour.

After visiting the American Enclosure, I entered Iran's enclosure. This was the entering gate.

The first thing that attracted me was this big statue, I don't know anything about this statue but It is my rough guess that it must belong to some important historical Iranian personality.

Statue of some king.

The African enclosure had so much colour from the outside. I couldn't enter the African enclosure as there was too much crowd there.

Saudia Arabia has its own enclosure showing its culture.

Turkey Enclosure is one of the jammed-pack enclosures in the global village. You can easily have an idea in your mind about the importance of Turkey's Islamic Culture.

These blue miners were looking very attractive and beautiful from a long distance.

Some random Shots.

Egypt had one of the biggest enclosures in the global village.

After Egypt, there was a Yemen Enclosure. I really like the colour full windows in their entry door.

In the end, This ballon seller was selling ballon, due to its various emerging colours every passing person was looking at it.

It was such a wonderful trip to Global Village. Whenever you get the chance to travel to Dubai, you should visit this place. You can learn about different cultures of different countries in one place.

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