The Refreshing Man Made BAMBOO FOREST of Medellin, Cebu Philippines | #LakwatsaniIntoy Diary 010

Welcome to my #LakwatsaniIntoy Diary 010 |
The Refreshing Man Made Bamboo Forest of Medellin, Cebu.

Heyaaah Hiveeeeeers !!! πŸ˜… This blog is an appreciation post to the communities of Medellin Cebu for making and maintaining this man-made Bamboo Forest. This is not only helpful to the people of Medellin but also to the ecosystem as well. Let us support this initiative.😊


December 6, 2020 - It's almost a year when we visited this amazing place in Medellin. With me were my crazy colleagues 😜 who were always on the go for adventures. We reached this place on our second day in the Northern part Of Cebu. After staying for a day at the beach (@indayclara's place) in San Remigio. We went for a road trip and reached this beautiful place.


We had fun and enjoyed exploring the Bamboo Forest. The atmosphere was refreshing and we felt that our energy was being recharged by nature πŸ˜‰.


Man-Made Bamboo Forest

This Bamboo Forest is located in Barangay Luy-a, Medellin Cebu. The place is approximately 3 hours away from Cebu City. It is alongside the sugarcane plantations in Medellin.

A little Trivia: Medellin is one of the largest plantation of sugarcane in the Philippines. They manufacture raw sugar products for household usage.


The famous Bamboo Forest has an estimated 200 badges of full-grown bamboo placed on a 2.3 hectare lot. The bamboos are planted in a beautiful arrangement and resulted in this stunning scenery. It resembles the known Kyoto Japan’s bamboo forest which will make you really feel the asian vibe.


How to reach Bamboo Forest Of Medellin

From Cebu City you can take bus at North Bus Terminal. It will cost you 200 Pesos or ride a van for fast transportation. Travel time is 2.5-3 hours. Ask to be drop off at the town proper of Medellin. Then ride a tricycle to reach the Bamboo Forest.

Other Fees

Entrance Fee- 20 Pesos per Head
Costume Rental - 100 Pesos




If you want to experience the vibe of being Japanese you can rent a costume. They have cleaned and available Japanese dress ready for you.


Photo by Fritche Durano Garcia.


Photo by The Grey Studios.


Photo by The Grey Studios.


This travel is one of the unforgettable moments that happened to me last year. That's why when December is approaching these memories are popping up in my head and makes me remember all the crazy moments we have with my colleagues.

I am really glad that I witnessed this stunning Bamboo Forest. It's natural meditating sound will make you relax and love the place.

I'm hoping that all the communities and travelers who will visit the Bamboo Forest will be responsible at all time. No trace of garbage should be found so that it can maintain the beauty it offers to us. And again this Bamboo Forest don't just help the people of Medellin but also our ecosystem.


Winning shoot after several trials 🀣.

That's it Hivers. Hopping you had a great time reading my blog and thank you for dropping by in my little Hive room 😊.

This is @intoy.bugoy! See you in my next Hiventure πŸ˜‰....


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