Visit to the tagore temple

I took some beautiful photographs of Tagore, which I will share with you today.

The day was the day after Vishwakarma Puja. I was a bit sick on the day of Puja, so I didn't go out that day. The day after the puja, the body was still bad but not too bad, so I went out a little on the advice of one of my friends.

This Vishwakarma Puja was done in a big way near his house and there was a very beautiful idol of Vishwakarma Tagore so he called me to see it.

Even after I told him about my short illness, he asked to go there because he was going to see me for a long time but there was no time. He wants to meet me before he goes out again. So even though my body was a bit sick that day, I went out with that body towards the destination.

However, first let us say something about worshiping Vishwakarma Tagore. People from different professions worship this Vishwakarma.

They perform this puja to increase their work skills, wish for a beautiful future, and success in their respective fields of work. Basically, those who have factories, industrial establishments and machinery or work in these places celebrate this puja with the greatest fanfare. Also, this puja is held in the houses of all the Hindus, albeit in a small way.

Those who have bicycles, cars, bikes at home worship them all on this day. As a child I only knew Vishwakarma Puja means kite flying. Anyway, this Vishwakarma Puja actually brings another joy in the mind of Bengalis that is the joy of Durga Puja because Durga Puja will arrive few days after Vishwakarma Puja....

This time let's talk about going out that day. My friend's house was very close to Madhyamgram station. And this Vishwakarma Puja was held with fanfare at the auto stand which is very close to Madhyamgram station. I already knew all this.

I went to Madhyamgram station and called my friend. After calling he said he will come in 5 minutes. By that time I went to see Tagore at this auto stand. I went and saw that this puja was held in a really beautiful and big pandal. Everything was arranged so beautifully. I took some beautiful photographs while standing there looking at the idol of Tagore. Five minutes later when my friend comes over spends some time with her too. As it was the next day of the puja, we had no chance of getting any kind of puja prasad. We only went out to see the idol. After spending some time there, me and my friend went to another place to hang out together...

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