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Visit to the metro train station

Today I will share with you some photographs that I took while visiting Dum Dum Metro Station and riding the Metro Rail from the Metro Station.

A few days ago, I went to Dumdum for a special job. After going to Dum Dum, my work was done very quickly. I left home in the morning so I had a lot of time. So I thought that when I have a lot of time in my hands, I should go to Dakshineshwar Temple and visit it.

Dakshineshwar is not very far from Dumdum. So first I went to Dumdum metro station from Dumdum station. I went there and waited for the metro train.

As the metro train was a little late, I took some photography while walking there. After waiting for some time, the metro train towards my destination arrived and I got into the car. I did not take any photography inside the metro rail car as it was mostly empty. I didn't even take a photo or two of the scenery outside the glass window while the metro rail train was moving. I shared those photographs with you today...

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