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Some random photographs taken from different streets of North Kolkata

I am feeling good today mentally but a little .

I told you in a blog two days ago that I went to Kolkata for a little walk with some close friends. Our intention that day was to go to North Kolkata. In a few days some of my close friends will be moving out of state for study related reasons so we decided to explore different places in North Kolkata before they leave. On the day we made this plan, we were out of the house around noon.

On that day, we all went out and explored all the places from Oligli in North Kolkata to Rajpath. Although I have shared the above words with you before, for the convenience of those who missed my previous blog, I will say these words again...

Now let's come to the new word. During this visit I took as much photography as I could around the streets of Kolkata. Kolkata is a very busy city. People here are always busy. Nobody has time to stop. Everyone is busy with their work, everyone is out on the streets to earn money and after earning that money to lead a comfortable life with family. Only people who live in the city will understand that the number of people in this busy city is very small. However, due to the environmental conditions, this change has slowly come into the people, of this selfish nature. While traveling with my friends in this busy Kolkata, I was observing the people around me, their activities as much as I could. I saw very few happy people here. A look of frustration with the busyness on their faces. I also discuss this with friends. Tell them, look for a smile and see if you see a happy person.

They also spend a lot of time looking around but they don't see any smiling happy people in this busy city. Anyway, I wandered around a lot and made my friends happy while doing photography with him. They had to stand up again and again to photograph me. And I also had to face many problems while doing photography. As for the problems, let's say everything was running on the road but my phone camera couldn't capture it nicely. Since I could not find a fixed place, I had to stand and photograph in the same place many times. I took hundreds of photographs that day but 90% of them were blurry due to the movement of everything. I have shared with you those that were right. If you like it, my pain is worth it.

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