A day at an Indian coffee house

I had chills and fever yesterday morning. Anyway, I'm a little healthier now compared to that. It may take some time to fully recover.

Now without further ado let's start today's new blog.

Yesterday I shared a blog with you about visiting North Kolkata. In that blog I told you that a few days ago I went to North Kolkata to hang out with friends. On the same day, we went to the Indian coffee house. One cannot find a person in Kolkata who does not know this coffee house. Didn't share anything about this coffee house at first.

This coffee house is located on College Street in Boipara, North Kolkata. It is one of the oldest coffee houses in Kolkata. It is a traditional Bengali coffee house. It is a popular place to spend leisure time or hang out with friends, loved ones, family. Over time, it has become the focal point of Calcutta's culture. It has long been known as a hangout for intellectuals...

This is a place I am familiar with. I have been here several times before. Every time I went, I always went with friends. Since all my friends went together to visit North Kolkata, we all decided to go to this Indian coffee house and chat for some time. When we reached this coffee house, we saw a huge crowd inside the coffee house. There is no place to sit.

We searched everywhere on the ground floor, upstairs but could not find any place to sit. In some places we got one or two seats empty but since we were six people, even if there were two or one seats empty, we could not sit there. We needed a place where the six of us could sit together. Finally after waiting for 15 minutes we found a place where we all could sit together. I also took some photographs while we were walking up and down before getting a seat which I share with you now.

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