check-in day and NOA’S WELCOME PARTY🎉

Immediately after arriving on the island we organized ourselves to divide the groups of people in the various apartments we had to be ready for the welcome evening at Noa, this would have been our first evening on this crazy island!

LEMONADE🍋 # wearepartyrebels🎉😝🤡

Ready to get to know the fun beach of Zrcè, we head towards one of the scheduled shuttles that take us from the apartments directly to the beach, as soon as we arrive the view is fabulous, a beautiful beach that reflects the lights of clubs that rise on the coast and in the middle of the water, we are headed to the last club, NOA, a spectacle of architecture, NOA is a beach club that stands on the water thanks to a dense pile-dwelling network, it is perhaps for this reason that it is thirteenth place in the top 100 DJMAG clubs.

Artists such as Skrillex, Steve Aoki, TJR, Blasterjaxx, Axwell, Benni Benassi, Carl Cox and many more have played here.🎧🎹

To be just the first evening it was amazing, We as Animators of the Lemonade group immediately offered a drink to warm the spirits a little, The venue, the beautiful music and the scenography immediately opened the dances for an unforgettable evening, the first evening It was essential to get to know each other and to make a group and for us animators it was essential to be able to unite people and make sure that they did not have shyness and I must admit that we did it great, this because I already knew well the friends animators of Vicenza I have always had a great relationship, some mate inside the group was always ready to have fun and dance or be stupid so as to involve us all.

The adventure from here is all downhill!🍹🍾



I thank Alessio Vincenzi and LEMONADE for their commitment and the spectacular photographs that have been reserved for me.

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