The Visit to the Goddess of Mercy

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Here's to share with you a couple's journey on their quest to visit a goddess on a hill far, far away...

There was once a couple who went through it all just to pay a visit to the Goddess of Mercy who was said to be the biggest of its kind in the whole world. She was made of gold and bronze and stands tall at almost 41 meters.

The journey to the peak where the Goddess is located was not easy at all. Just look at that seemingly endless steps! More like it was a stairway leading to heaven! LOL!


Looking up, the husband asked, "Should we climb up or stay here?" worried a bit about the long ascend. He knew his wife's feet couldn't take that long walk.

The steep stairway was quite a climb so they stayed for a while at the foot of it, watching others go up, slowly, faithfully until they reached the top. Others descended too, ensuring their steps safely as they slowly walked their way down.


No one would want to trip on those stairs! Else, he'd roll all the way down! Well, of course, I was just exaggerating, LOL!


The couple's friends had it that she can fulfill one's deep wishes or desires. So thinking about that, they decided to go on. And on their way up, they were amazed at the views around them. Different trees lined along the sides of the stairway...


And the fisheries from afar too! They were so fascinated and even imagined just how beautiful those would look at the peak.


After some time (more like forever), they finally arrived atop that staircase. Thanks to their will and yes, perseverance too. This view of the pond from up there was just amazing so they took some moments to enjoy that sight, breathing in... breathing out...

They couldn't believe they made it, but yes, they sure did!


After their quiet moments, they moved a little closer to the shrine, where they spent some more time looking up at the goddess. There were many people around, lighting up incenses, making the atmosphere smoky like fogs were settling down.


The smell of the burning incense was quite suffocating for them so they decided to distance themselves, at least for a while. They hoped that after some time, the people would disperse and the incense smoke would clear a bit so they can move a little closer to make their wishes known to the deity.

Unfortunately, that didn't happen. More and more people came around so they thought, perhaps it wasn't the best time for them. They decided to walk away from the shrine and roamed around the vastness of the place.


So how about their wishes?

They didn't get the chance to get close so yeah, they were not able to whisper their wishes to the goddess. It was just impossible for them to do so with the number of people there and the choking effect of the incenses getting burned.

As they walked away, they noticed that the deity looked better and clearer from afar. From where they were, they didn't have to cover their mouths and noses because the air was a little fresher, freer.

And look! They found a gorgeous boat by the fountain!


After enjoying some tranquility in that spot, watching some kids happily play around the water, they moved farther away.


As they walked along, they observed more greens around - trees, well-maintained shrubs, and grasses. The place was just so clean! And it was lovely to see some people enjoying the coolness underneath the trees.



Wandering away from the shrine, this was the view they got and the whole of its space from afar.

And what a sight! She definitely is a goddess! They took this shot down the pond. (Please pardon the blur, it was zoomed in.)


The couple then found their way toward the pagoda and there they got another view of the deity, smoke still around her, indicating that there were still many of the devotees burning incenses while praying.


And look! Up close via another angle! They were fascinated by how beautiful and tall she is.


And they were just happy that their camera was able to capture these sights!


The climb on the stairway to heaven was definitely worth it! They actually saw so much more than the deity, the boat, people, trees, and shrubs, so let's join them again next time for more!

This was an adventure with the farmboy in Lotus Hill, Guangzhou China, some years ago. The hill was vast with an area of over 600 acres. The place was said to have been built during the Qing Dynasty.

Thank you and hope you enjoyed the adventure :)

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