To Titiwangsa Lake Park: Children's Waterplay Area and Children's Playground

It was THE day for the children to have fun. The weather was great. Adults were in awesome mood. So, we went to Titiwangsa Lake Park as planned.

Titiwangsa Lake Park is a huge lake and famous for its recreational surroundings as well as many other activities can be done there. Most importantly, it is FREE OR CHARGE, open for public from 6am-10pm daily. No other better deals than this, I just want wish it is even nearer my house. And our government had just refurbished the whole area, making it looks so new and well-maintained.

For your information, this is a 95-hectares park which consists of 57-hectares lake. Yes, that vast. So it was impossible for us to cover the whole area that day. We zoomed down to only two sections — for the children.

Waterplay & Playground

The boys woke up extra early because they wanted to reach there earlier. We ate our breakfast and prepared everything needed, off we went. Let's take a group photo in the car. Husband couldn't join us because he had some other work to do.

Once we reached and parked at the agreed site, we were at this beautiful greeneries and lake near the entrance.

I usually loved to wefie some photos to show the husband. Haha.

Of course, I loved to look up too to see what's up there.

Walking a few steps further, there is a section for open-air exercise, fully equipped with many exercise equipment and tools. We saw some really strong big group of elderly people doing exercise there holding a thick rope and swing and splash around, I wasn't sure what it was called. We waited for them to be done and vacated the area before we explored the section. We got to explore some of the equipment too. Super love love love.

Our friends had arrived. Yayyy!!! It was time to walk to the waterplay area. I manage to remember to take a photo with a few while walking to the waterplay. The boys were fast, right in front of me. I joined my another friend, walking slower because she was with her baby.

1. At the Waterplay Area

We looked around the find a spot suitable for the beach mat as we foresee after waterplay, the children would need a place to sit down and eat. The waterplay is really clean and washroom and changing spots are provided too. So happy to discover this was a great place for fun time.

Let me show you first the glimpse of the waterpark area. So beautiful. I fell in love with it too.

The children got ready very fast, they couldn't wait to step into the water. Once in, they were lost in fun haha. And we adults were busy taking care of them while taking photos too. So much fun!!

Model of the day #1

My youngest son

Model of the day #2

My friend with her baby

Epic photo of the day #3

My sweet mother-in-law

After about 30-45 minutes (I couldn't remember the exact), we decided it was times-up at Waterplay, or else we wouldn't have time for playground. All the children got up from the water, got changed, and we had some rest and snacks time in order to fuel up the body for next section.

2. At the Playground

This is a huge playground too, consists of two sections. One for younger children like toddler, another for more adventurous children or children below 12.

Toddler section

Here are smaller slides, tunnels, spiderweb climb and lower-bridge wood walk.

At rope bridge walk

I especially love this big bridge section. It is just beside the Waterplay.

Older children section

These two built-up for older children to climb and long slides. The maze climb is rather adventurous as you needed to have strong grip to climb up and down to find your way out. My eldest son was there with his older friends while I stayed at toddler section with my youngest son.

This playground also has this section which I liked. Rope Swing!!

There was a hut for resting but that time, there was a group of tourists eating there.

Of course some greens around the playground, with a small lake and many lily pads and fish.

We had really great 2-hour there and I was roasted haha due to the noon sun when they were at the Playground. Everyone was feeling hungry, meaning it was time to go. I would like to come here again just for walk and jogging or for other activities which I yet to explore. If you are here at Kuala Lumpur and love nature and activities, do check this out.

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