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Youth - Do What You Like

Young people do what they like. Live the life worth living of youth so that when we look back we feel proud. The following quotes will help you see how brilliant youth is.

  1. Go back to your room, all the memories come flooding back. It feels like youth was just yesterday. Youth with friends, hard study, some quick love affairs, but I was always the first person.

  2. Through the rainy days, you will see that it's sunny and beautiful, nothing lasts forever. I have never regretted the past because it won't change anything, so I clicked my tongue to ignore the calculation of giving up English but thinking why is it not easy. I just reached the end of the treatment, I love it so much kql grit my teeth and continue to suffer

  3. When loneliness overwhelms all of our emotions, whether it's sadness or joy, we need to be friends right now.

  4. Youth cannot be bought with money, but if you have money, let's travel together to these "paradise" places to record youth. Just go and you will reach the destination.

  5. When you were 17 years old, it was a difficult, hard time. Maybe you will meet the most loving person in your life. 17 years old is the time to make your youth to the fullest.
    Knowing that youth is short, I want to love the person I like, but sometimes I love but I can't say it. Not everyone is like that, but for some people it is. I used to say it, and now I'm friends and I don't even look at each other, but at least I have said what I have cherished for a long time. Very similar to a fisherman, youth is like a shower. Even if we catch a cold, we still want to go back to bathe in the rain again.

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