Beautiful Vietnam- Sapa, the charming city


If you’re looking for a perfect spot to chill or even to explore, Sapa meets both of these needs. Imagine waking up in the early morning, opening the window and feeling like you're floating on clouds, it is indescribable. Sapa is a famous tourist city located in the north of Vietnam where is the home of many ethnic minorities with long-standing cultures. The town of Sapa is situated at an altitude of 1,500 to 1,650 metres on the slopes of Lo Suay Tong mountain. With an elevation of 2,228 meters, this mountain can be seen to the southeast of SapaI. The weather in the summer is like four seasons in one day: in the morning it's like spring, in the noon it's like summer, sunny, cool air, and in the afternoon there are clouds and dew.


To start a day, you can easily find one among many cafes and bakeries in the city where you can enjoy a cup of hot drink while watching the clouds. It is common for the city to be shrouded in fog during sunrise and sunset some days. Some international visitors come to Sapa, fall in love with its charm, and then open restaurants/pubs or cafes here. The fog, clouds and its cold weather make this city seem more chill and mysterious.




The Stone Church and Sun Plaza Building
This church is located in Sapa center and was built in 1895, making it one of the most ancient of French colonial architecture here. It is also known as Church of Our Lady,the church was designed in the style of Romanesque and Gotic architecture. Ethnic people daily gather together at this place to sell souvenirs to the tourists and to catch up. Next to the church, every weekend on Saturday night, they operate an event called love market which is one of the signature attraction for both locals and tourists.

In a walking distance from the Church, Sun Plaza Sapa is a shopping center designed in European architectural style. As a highlight in the middle of town, the building is drastically different from the surrounding wildness and idyllic scenery. You will be amazed by the magnificence of Sun Plaza Sapa after entering the building. The long and deep corridors provide a sense of mystery, while the large glass doors with contrasting colors provide a sense of sophistication. They all have a very unique beauty.
A surprise at the entrance is the word "Sapa Station". You will be notified that the building has a station. That station is the Muong Hoa mountain climbing train station that cannot be missed.



Sun World Fansipan Legend
The train will take you through Muong Hoa mountain heading toward Sun World Fansipan Legend. Located at an altitude of 3,143m on the top of Fansipan, which is known as the roof of Indochina peninsula, from Sun World Fansipan Legend, it is easy for visitors to look out that majestic natural scenery of the mountain. It's undeniable that one of the attractions at Sun World Fansipan Legend is its expansive spiritual landscape, alongside the beauty of nature. Whether you are a Buddhist or not, a trip to Sun World Fansipan Legend will surely be a memorable cultural and religious experience for you.



Cat Cat Village
After entering the gate, you are surprised with the wide stairway, paved with stone and just big enough to accommodate only two rows of people, surrounded by the green of nature and ancient traditional houses. Stalls line both sides of the road offering a variety of handicrafts such as ethnic jewelry and brocade, as well as Sapa specialties. Ethnic young kids with colorful costumes will invite you to buy handicrafts made by their mothers or aunties.





Sapa night market
Sapa night market is very bustling with many special dishes. Don't miss enjoying a glass of corn wine and eating grilled meat here

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