Exploring 9 3/4 Cafe: All Harry Potter Fans Should Visit!! (Bacolod City Part 2)

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A month ago I shared our Bacolod Trip, but here's more of what Bacolod can offer. We explored the famous "Harry Potter"-themed cafe', the 9 3/4 Cafe which is located at Block 17 Don Antonio, Jayme St., Bacolod City. The Cafe' takes you to the four Hogwarts Houses, namely: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. In a moment, my daughter Akiesha @ kcwonders was very happy! To flex, she really loves the movie, as in "love" that she watched the movie maybe a 100x already! Hahaha. She even collected the complete 8 films on DVDs, but oh well, nothing can buy happiness.

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Most of their staff are PWD's, is nice to see how the Cafe owners help them in so many ways. They offer coffee--both iced and hot, they have lattes and frappes, some rice bowls, and choices of snacks that you can munch while it takes you to Hogwarts!

We even tried Butterbeer, which tastes buttery, and the beer had whipped cream on top. Well, for me, it was very soothing. My daughter Akiesha @kcwonders, even wore the Gryfindor uniform which really looks good on her!

Every character in the movie was all over the place, Dobbie the elf, Hedwig the owl, the Mandrake, and I can't forget the sorting hat, of course!!! They had the 9 3/4 Platform at the Cafe, the Diagon alley, We really had a great time. They also sell some of the collections, like a variety of magic wands and house uniforms at a reasonable price.

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Here are also some of the rides in Campuestuhan Resort I forgot to mention. The glider and the wave pool where my not so little daughter Atasha can't get enough of the place. This is one of the finest trips we ever had, and I love how my kids smiled and laughed and enjoyed. I know in some way, somehow, these moments become memories for them to cherish!

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As it is said: "Build traditions of family vacations and trips and outings. These memories will never be forgotten by your children".

So stay tuned for my next blog, where love, life, and all-in-betweens are worth a wait!

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