Emen Canyon and Waterfall - miracle of the mother nature 🇧🇬


Hello dear Hivians and Welcome to Emen Canyon and Waterfall!

Located in North Central Bulgaria just 25 kilometers from Veliko Tarnovo, this fabulous place attracts hundreds of tourists from all over the world every year!


There is only one road that will take you to the Emen Canyon and it passes through the village of Balvan. There is a large sign in the centre of the village pointing the way to Emen. So you can't go wrong. But even if you ask one of the locals, they will always help you whether you are a foreigner or not.


It doesn't take long to reach the village of Emen. The locals explain to us that the eco trail that leads to the Emen Canyon and the waterfall, which is at the end of the trail, starts shortly after we leave the village. And so it turns out.


There is a sign to the right of the main road - pointing to the end of the eco trail, and to the right of it there is a small parking lot where you can leave your car. At the start of the eco trail there is a cave that was used years ago for food storage. There was even an elevator that was used to lower the products into the cave. Nowadays you can see some of the remains of the structure, reminiscent of its time. Entering the cave today is forbidden because it has become a snake shed. Just below the cave there is a gazebo and if you decide you can have a small picnic.


This is where the eco trail starts, which from the very beginning makes it difficult for tourists. In front of us appears a steep climb which lasts about 10 minutes or 500 meters. But those who manage to climb it witness an amazing view. The true beauty of the Emen Canyon and the Negovanka River that makes its way through it is revealed before us. One is left awestruck by this beauty of nature.


Once upon a time, the eco-trail wound right along the edge of the cliffs, but over time it began to crumble and became dangerous for visitors to the Emen Canyon. This is the reason why a new trail has been built that is a little more circuitous, but safer.


The old trail was mainly made of wooden bridges that allowed hikers to experience the adrenaline rush of being literally in the epicenter of the canyon. A little further down in the post, I'll show you pictures of people who have visited Emen Canyon on this particular trail.


However, as not-so-experienced mountaineers, we decided not to risk it and take the new trail. It also led us along the edge of the cliff, but it wasn't long before we entered a wooded area where you hike for 1 hour up a steep incline then emerge onto a dirt road next to the Emen Dam. From there there are two options. If you go left - the road takes you to places where you can fish, and right - the road takes you to the Emen waterfall.


On the day we visited there were a lot of tourists. And due to the fact that the last part of the route is extremely narrow, queues of waiting tourists formed. Once you reach this wooden bridge, you have de facto reached your final destination - the Emen Waterfall. It is a small waterfall that is in a liquid state for most of the year. Even according to the locals, it very rarely freezes.


There is a large area near the waterfall where you can lay your towels and enjoy the beauty of this picturesque place. Definitely worth a visit and during the warmer part of the year. My personal advice to you if you decide to visit Emen Canyon and Waterfall is to do it in late spring or early summer.


Prepare water because the route is exhausting and walking under the scorching sun stimulates you to consume more fluids.
Thank you for your attention! I hope you enjoyed the post!

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