See The World #42 - The Milk Cave, The Fortress Valley Cave & Rasnoavei Gorges

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Visiting caves is one of the most genuine experiences an outdoors traveller could ever enjoy because there are very few places left on earth that haven't got the contribution of a human being. However, I always ran away from doing it until I realized that it wasn't the fear of darkness, but the feeling of being used to see lots of places that were (more or less) transformed by people.

However, when it comes to visiting caves and underground locations, I always opted for anything else I could explore instead of going deep into the heart of the mountains or earth.

I think that the biggest problem is that we are used to go to sightseeing attractions which are already overpopulated by tourists and well maintained by people or seeing the contribution of the humans, instead of exploring the real wilderness part of nature and those very few places left as they were.

Happily, my video presents both versions: visiting The Milk Cave which even though should be under renovations for a few years now, it's been left as it was created by nature and I hope more people will get to admire it this way... being followed by The Fortress Valley Cave which is considered one of the most beautiful five caves from Romania but where, of course, the human's contribution is not missing. Though, this is a happy case because there haven't been brought too many changes to the formations and the place itself, and the lighting is unique in Romania, having LED light which is bat-friendly and doesn't harm the animals which are living there.

Our journey couldn't end without bringing some colours to our eyes, so we took a slow drive on the Rasnoavei Gorges which is a very peaceful and nice place you can visit nearby the other two locations we explored. :)


The places you'll see in the video I already wrote about and you can find more about them on here:

  1. Peştera de Lapte (The Milk Cave)
  2. Peștera Valea Cetății (The Fortress Valley Cave from Râșnov)
  3. Cheile Râșnoavei (Rasnoavei Gorges)

The trip was taken in August 2020, and it represents the 2nd part of the yearly road trip we take around Romania, from 2020! This time a more black and white journey, with lots of darkness and natural formation instead of the greenery landscapes we are used to see, but which I promise is worth checking out! 😍


Video recorded with: GoPro HERO 7
All rights reserved to @gabrielatravels


All rights reserved.

Discord: GabrielaTravels#0104

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