Let's travel together #199 - Cascada Pișoaia (Pișoaia Waterfall)

After seeing so many waterfalls I came to the conclusion that it doesn't matter how many waterfalls are out there, there is no doubt that each one of them has something in plus than the others, and that they will always conquer new hearts with their elegance and beauty.


When I first joined the blockchain I used to have a lot of journeys to share from various waterfalls I was visiting with my family.
We all know how much we struggled at the beginning to gain some exposure to our posts and see people taking a moment to read what we are writing and even comment for our posts, but there was a guy who's account was empty and he wasn't really on the chain for himself but actually to read people's posts.
Through these posts read by him, were also mine, and he used to call me the girl of the waterfall. However, it's been a few good years since I never heard anything about him or see him around and I always wondered what happened to him, but just like he used to call me, I do have a weakness when it comes to waterfalls.
They might all represent the same thing at the basis, but somehow each one of them makes a step in front of the others and comes with something new.
However, since it's been a month already since my last post about a waterfall I explored, I decided that today post could be about a journey we had into a mystic and special place.
But if you've read my previous article, you will remember the part where we walked all the way to the top of the hill to admire the view and noticed a waterfall in the distance.

Well, we couldn't drive to our next point of interest before visiting her too, so here we go.


There are not too many things to say about Cascada Pișoaia, also known as Cascada de la Vidra, because as soon as you make your steps on the way to her, you will be embraced by its beauty and great vibes it shares even from the distance.

The waterfall is a little over 18 meters high and it's located right across The Snail Hill, so people who come to see any of the two, might easily consider visiting the other one as well.
I promise you won't regret it!
Anyway, since the other point of interest got so many things to stand out with, the waterfall is not letting the guard any lower, being landscape reservation placed on a rocky limestone sill that is quite dominant for the whole area.
The reservation covers a total surface of 2,5 hectares, which is pretty big when it comes to a waterfall, but which it has to offer a lot of unique experiences for everyone is stopping by.
Hence why, the rocky limestone sill are dating since the Paleozoic age, being just a natural threshold that keeps secret the forest of beech and other trees located behind Cascada Pișoaia.
Though, the waterfall and the interesting formation are not the single ones who are creating such a beautiful landscape for the eyes, but the whole region that is covered by travertine and uncommon calcareous formations that can be found at any step. We actually even took as a souvenir two small limestone rocks we found on the way back to where we left the car.

There is no doubt that all the waters that can be found in this region are very rich in limestone and that all the roads the waters/rivers are following, are slowly becoming covered by deposits of chalk that during the time are giving born to various spectacular formations.


Happily, as we are used to see people taking advantage of every resource offered by nature, the pieces of chalk that are being formed are usually taken by the locals of the village where the waterfall is located, using them to create crosses for the cemetery or even turn them into bricks that can come handy to build up their houses.

It's true that the waterfall is not so known by tourists but during the winter season, there are way more people who come to either see the waterfall being completely frozen or to practice climbing on ice, which I'm sure it's a hell of an experience!
However, there can't be said exactly what's the length of the waterfall or the height of it, due to the water which is getting split as soon as it hits the first layers of rocks, flowing all the way to the street where a few more small waterfalls are being created.
But as some are saying, we could easily talk about a 25 m long waterfall that creates a whole world of ice when it gets frozen.
The whole landscape is perfectly completed by the giant rocks of limestone that are considered as being the oldest, that are placed next to Cascada Pișoaia and create a small canyon to go through.

In plus, if you are looking for a place where to spend the night and have some scenic view out of the window, there is a little chalet right next to the waterfall.


Whenever I get to see places like this one, I always return with both a smile on my face and a feeling of sadness, that maybe there won't be a next time considering how crazy the world is lately and that there is a lot of deforestation wherever you are looking to.

So for now, I can only be grateful that I managed to visit Cascada Pișoaia in one of its greatest shapes, even though early in the spring the flow is way bigger, and only hope that I'll discover more places similar that will stay for a long while, just like they were here before people discovered them.


Cascada Pișoaia is located just 500 meters away from the main street that is crossing the village, and in order to reach it you have to follow the national road DN75 if you come from Turda, DN74 if you come from Alba Iulia and DN76 if you come from Deva. Then get on the national road DN75 until you reach Vadu Moţilor, being followed by the county road DJ762 until Vidra.




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