Let's travel together #193 - Dino Parc (The jurassic world from Rasnov)

Stepping into the Jurassic Ages might seem crazy but it's definitely a great experience for the people of the 21st century. Luckily, this thing can become real in very few places in the world, and Romania has one of these representations, unique in the country and the Southeastern side of Europe!


I remember that a while ago when I was sharing my experiences roaming Dobrogea and the places which are dating since the Jurassic Ages, I was so curious to find out more about how everything used to be back then, but without any solution to get any closer to than feeling, other than imagining the whole scene.
There were lots of markers, messages impossible to be read in the 21st century, and many other proofs found showing that the Jurassic Age was not just a part of history or some cool fairy tales everyone can tell to their kids, but actually a scary reality that some unlucky ones got to live.
While the people of 21st century seem way more and more curious about that period, without even realizing how scary it was, I managed to find the right place where tourists of all ages can taste the feeling.
Actually, I've knew about this place since it was built because it's located in a very strategic place, right before reaching Râșnov Citadel which makes most of the tourists who visit the fortress, to also stop by and pass into a completely different world.

I won't attribute all the merits to myself because my visit to Dino Parc wouldn't be possible without the help of my boyfriend who was needed to do some repairs to some of the Virtual Reality headsets from the park and who offered me the chance to go with him and his workmate on this journey.


Of course, while some were working and stressing out to solve all the technical issues some VR headsets had, I took advantage to get lost between hundreds of tourists and kids from different countries who were running all over the place, but yet as excited as I was, because age will never be a problem when it comes to visit a huge park with over 100 dinosaurs ready to scare you, or to simply take a picture of.

The whole project of creating such a thematic park right into the heart of Transylvania was born in 2015 which also came with the title of the biggest park with dinosaurs from the Southeastern side of Europe, having an open-air museum, unique in Romania.
When it was first opened, the park was covering a total surface of just 1,2 ha presenting around 55 dinosaurs to the people, but 6 years later, in 2021, people can enjoy a more than a double experience because the park was enlarged, covering a surface of 3,5 ha and of course, with more dinosaurs to be shown to the world.
There are a little over 100 figures of dinosaurs in the park, where, all of them were scientifically certified and reproduced in life-size according to the latest paleontological discoveries.
That's a situation you won't get to enjoy every day, because a thing is to have a tiny dinosaur you are playing with when you are a kid, and a completely unique experience is to walk between tens of dinosaurs, which are so huge when you compare them with people.
That's what I call having a proper experience and I'm sure that counts pretty well on the level of excitement both the younger and older tourists will have.

It's true that most of the park is mostly created with the thoughts of making kids have fun, but there are lots of informative panels on every single dinosaur you will find, and also some funny rotary billboards that are definitely going to make the readers have a smile on their faces.


One of the panels that have made lots of people stop in front of it and have some good moments of laughing, is the one about the famous T-Rex where we could find a question asking why he had his arms so tiny? The answer came quite unexpected saying that it was necessary to have them so little so he can't keep them in the pockets all the time.

Of course, the actual answer can also be read by rotating the little green panel, but I'm sure most of the people will find it easier to remember the first answer which is taking care that all the tourists will have a great mood exploring the park.

Along with the over 100 impressive figures of dinosaurs, the park also comes with quite a few playgrounds for children, treehouses which are sheltering scientific exhibitions, a 9D cinema and a 360° cinema, suspended adventure trails, zip lines, soundbox, maser maze, unique exhibitions both national and international and other interactive areas.
One thing that is constantly changing in the park is determined by the exhibitions because these are being held almost every week, but by far the most interesting thing most tourists find is the interactive volcano which simulates an eruption and the platform where it can be found which exemplifies three types of earthquakes: one caused by a herd of running Seismosaurs, one caused by the movement of tectonic plates, and least but not last, an earthquake caused by a volcanic eruption.
Another unique thing that people should take advantage of, is determined by a genuine meteorite, which is extremely rare, that was discovered on the lands of Romania.
There is another figure showing off how the lands are modified after they are hit by a meteorite but right next to it, you can also find a real piece of it.


And if the life-size of the dinosaurs was not enough to convince you how the Jurassic Ages looked like, keep in mind that there are a few figures which are also moving and playing sounds which seem quite real, but also around four VR headsets that if you are looking through, you will see the dinosaurs in front of you moving around.

However, if we are taking a closer look at the over 100 figures of Dinosaurs I kept talking about, we have to remember some impressive ones which are the stars of the park, talking about Hatzegopteryx thambema which was the bigger flying animal in the world that could make the detour of the earth without taking any break, but also the Seismosaurus which was a 45 meters long sauropod that was creating an earthquake with every single step he was making.
Of course, the park is not all about these two, because the representations of the Jurassic Ages come with all kinds of species, from simple reptiles but which were way bigger back then than what we can find these days, to some of the most terrifying dinosaurs that no one ever dared to stay in front of them.
There is no doubt why most people think about T-Rex when you mention the word dinosaur because Tyrannosaurus Rex was the most dreaded animal of all times due to its dimensions and the power he was using to hunt its prey.
It's true that T-Rex was not the single carnivorous animal, but his skull was built to withstand very large forces, along with the jaws that were created robustly and massively and which were well linked to each other making the animal possess a very strong bite, exceeding for more than 10 times that of an adult crocodile.


The deeper you dig into the Jurassic times, the more terrifying details you will find, because when you think about dinosaurs it's not like T-Rex was the only one you should avoid meeting, but rather stay away from any of these huge animals while every single one of them has a story to be shared.

For example, there is this guy called Albertosaurus who was kind of a relative with T-Rex and the other carnivorous dinosaurs, which was discovered into a paleontological site that came with the remains of 22 individuals of different ages.
The youngest one was 2 years old and he was already measuring 2 meters while the oldest one was 28 years old measuring 10 meters in length.
The rest of the 20 individuals had between 14-16 years old, but what the story tries to present is that the cemetery discovered was the real proof of living with a pack, as Albertosaurus used to do and which could become even more dangerous than most of the other dinosaurs.
Now if you are scared enough by these bad boys, keep in mind that none of the mentioned two was considered the biggest ones, but actually, the herbivorous dinosaurs which could go up to 45 meters in length, but which, in the end, were not good enough to protect themselves from the T-Rex and his relatives.
However, all these information, together with many other to be discovered on each of the panels placed in the park, not only that add a little bit more knowledge in your backpack, but it allows the kids to participate into a very lovely challenge hosted by Dino Parc where they will be needed to answer to some simple questions and earn free of charge a palaeontologist's diploma and badge they can be proud of.




Considering that the park was realized into a very wild forest, with tall trees and a few animals which can still be noticed walking around (such as hedgehogs, bears, squirrels and foxes), people can also admire a few trees which are considered very important for the environment, being presented these aspects on the specific panels we already got used with.

However, for a nature lover, I really found these very useful and nice to be seen, because it's also a good way to teach people one more time, how badly we need trees and nature in our lives for a healthier living.


A thing that really impressed me, was the attention to the details people paid in order to come out with some very realistic representations of the dinosaurs, which even if they are made from simple materials, they make you step easily into a different epoch that even if it's a terrifying one, it comes with lots of fun and knowledge at the same time.


In order to enjoy Dino Parc to the fullest, it's recommended to spend at least 2-3 hours exploring it.
However, I feel ashamed to say that I spent more than 5 hours into it and I still didn't manage to see everything, but that's a great thing that contributes on making me want to return there someday, maybe even faster than I expect.

Anyway, the realization of the whole project as well as making it keep being improved comes with a tax that needs to be paid by every visitor as it follows:

  • Adult Ticket: 30 RON / 6.09 EUR ;
  • Children Ticket (> 3 years old): 23 RON / 4.67 EUR ;
  • Kids (< 3 years old): FREE admission .

I don't know how these prices seem for most of the tourists, but thinking of the prices I'm used to pay in order to visit different sightseeing attractions from my country, they are quite peppery and that's why when I and my family visited the citadel didn't also visit the park. Happily, there is no tax yet for either taking pictures or videos of the park and watching a movie in one of the cinemas is just 10 RON / 2.03 EUR per person!


It's true that I got to explore Dino Park for free due to my boyfriend which often comes to do repairments in the park, but after I've visited it and seen all these figures and everything it has to offer, I have no doubts that it's definitely worth the price requested, especially that it's unique in Romania and the Southeastern side of Europe.


Anyway, if it's hard for you to say goodbye to such a fairy tale place, keep in mind that inside the central building, there is a little shop from where you can buy thematic clothes or different souvenirs, but also a little museum with bones and different representations of the dinosaurs other than the figures you've already seen because the park is partner and supporter of the paleontological community from Romania and thus most of the exhibitions held are realized with the help of many institutes and museums from both inside and outside of the country.

The park can be visited in any day of the week respecting the following schedule:

  • Monday - Thursday: 10 AM - 6 PM ;
  • Friday & Saturday: 10 AM - 7 PM ;
  • Sunday: 10 AM - 6:30 PM .

Keep in mind that sometimes the schedule might be affected by different events, Sleep Over being one of them which is currently undergoing and allows people to spend a few days sleeping in the tents between the dinosaurs while relaxing and having a different experience than what they are used to see while camping in the woods.


Dino Parc is located on the street with the name Strada Cetății, Râșnov Romacril 505400 that can be found on the national road DN1 situated just 1,5 km away from Râșnov and 7,5 km from Poiana Brasov and it can be easily found by driving on the national road until you reach the parking lot situated under the hill with the name of the city written there, where you can leave the car and either walk around 10 minutes until you reach the park, or take a ride with one of the tractors/buses that can lead you there for a little fee.

There is also another option to reach the representation of the Jurassic world by taking either the Bus no. 130 or the Train no. R 16335.




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