Let's travel together #192 - Cascada Valea Spumoasă (Foamy Valley Waterfall)

Once in a while, everybody needs a total detox and a completely stress-free remedy which can only be obtained by going to the woods and hiking the wilderness paths of the mountains. This, not only that will make your body take a break from daily routines, but also reward you with amazing locations that more people should find out about.


We all need these moments of stress-free from time to time.
Some of us more often than others, but in the end, we all need this feeling of freedom.
Of course, not everyone finds it in travelling to wild places or hiking the mountains, because sometimes I do find this sort of remedy in other activities as well, but one of the most genuine experiences which I'm 100% convinced will heal me from any stress or bad mood, is definitely going to the woods.
I always loved travelling, and not only to nature, because it's amazing to explore castles and other urban locations too, but when you are in the woods and see no people around you is a completely different feeling.
A feeling that slowly becomes addictive and it makes you feel like being part of the wrong world when you are not one and the same with the mountains.
At least this is how I feel when I'm not out there hiking the mountains, breathing the fresh air, getting lots of natural colours reflecting on my pupil and listening to the deepest silence created by nature.

While in my last few posts I presented all kinds of locations we explored during our roadtrip 2020 around Romania, today I'm going to share the last stop we had before hitting the road back home.
A place that honestly packed everything perfectly because we couldn't make our 2-week long journey end better than finding the path all the way up to Cascada Valea Spumoasă from Bucegi Mountains.

We got used to find the greatest landscapes after the hardest climbs, which often end up with at least 6 hours of continuous hiking the mountains.
However, this is a different situation while you are exploring the Bucegi Mountains, especially if you follow the trails that are starting from the mountains resorts Azuga, Predeal, Sinaia or Busteni.

Today's journey post is based by following one of those paths from Busteni, but a place you have to remember is the Silva Hotel which is very iconic and a great landmark to take in consideration while roaming around.
Not only that it's well linked with the landscape, making you feel like everything will look boring without it, but it's also the place from where you can take a cable car that brings you to different sightseeing attractions from Bucegi Mountains which in most of the cases, will save you from lots of hours spent hiking the mountains.
Of course, this was not our case because we always loved doing this activity rather than following the easy way, but if you want to see more places in a single day, it could save a lot of time.
Anyway, having the hotel located almost on the foothills of the mountains, you won't find too many things behind it, because very soon you will run into the wilderness of nature and find various road signs that are indicating you the way you have to follow in order to reach different destinations.
Again, that wasn't the situation for us as well, just because, as we got you used with our trips, we often dig into the wilderness of nature following unmarked trails or the way to less known locations.

Some of the most famous locations you can reach from this point are either Cascada Urlatoarea (The Howling Waterfall), Babele & Sfinxul or Jepii Mici and Jepii Mari - which is a long journey full of adrenaline and challenges.

Anyway, while everybody was following the way to the left when we ran into the first indicator showing the way to the places mentioned before, we decided to get into the woods on the right and follow the barely seen path trying to reach the destination planned for that day.
There is no doubt that you won't have the incertitude missing thinking that you are following the right path or not, but in the end, there was only one way to find out.
After around 10 minutes since we got into the woods, we found a first indicator that was leading to a different destination than ours on the left, so we decided to follow the other path to the right.
A thing that we were aware of, was that Busteni, the mountain resort and city we were in, is well known for the many spectacular mountain trails that it has, some more challenging than others, but which made us believe that no matter where we will end up, we are definitely not going to regret it.
A good thing to mention is that when we first got into the woods, we followed the blue cross marker until we met the first road sign, and then follow the unmarked trail that was leading to the opposite from where the blue markers continued.


From that stage, we walked maybe around 10 more minutes until we got accompanied by some huge pipelines on the left which we have followed until we found a tiny waterfall and then get again into the woods, chasing a slippery path on the left that led to a place where we could find some sort of wastewater treatment plant of a famous brand of water produced in Romania called Borsec.


From this point, we understood that we were following the right path and that we were closer to the waterfall than expected, and more than that, we even found an artificial lake created on a tiny dam that represented a true blessing for the eyes seeing all the crystal clear water and the tiny rainbow that was forming right above it.

After we got refreshed and relaxed for a bit, we followed the single path that remained which was starting from this point going into the woods, which was probably the single more challenging part of the trail we had to follow this time because the plan was quite inclined, but after we passed the refuge of the mountain rescuers located on an altitude of 1141 meters (Refugiul Salvamont Bușteni) and hiked 5 more minutes, we finally reached our destination, finding a peaceful foamy waterfall that was waiting for us for so long.


Cascada Valea Spumoasă is located just 6 meters higher than the mountain refuge we met, on an altitude of 1147 meters, but which makes you feel like you reached the end of the Bucegi Mountains when you don't see any other stones behind the waterfall, because that's the place from where the water finds its way all down to your feet.

Actually, there is not just a single waterfall but a series of more such beauties which are following the same trail. The stone threshold at the bottom of the waterfalls is the real proof that the waterfall is not unknown and that some time ago people intervened into this part of nature, but where, happily, the fairness was not spoiled through this action.


On the huge stone wall from the left we noticed some metal ropes attached to hooks which made us believe that from time to time, the place is frequented by the braver mountain lovers who practice rock climbing. There is also a tiny natural shower created on the bottom of the stone where people can cool down during the hot days of the summer.

While we were busy taking pictures and different shots, my mother said she noticed a bear walking behind the trees that were surrounding the waterfall.
He seemed quite surprised finding people in this place, stared for a bit and then continued his walk.
While Romania is well known for the biggest population of bears from Europe, we weren't too astonished when hearing the news, but more likely pissed that we haven't seen him so we can take a picture of it.
However, it wouldn't be the first time when we meet a bear, and we are always aware of this aspect when we get into the woods and some of the wildest parts of the mountains, but it's an important thing to mention for the other travellers which are following the paths we hiked.

Anyway, the waterfall is really an amazing place to consider visiting if you pass through Busteni. And it's not even that long.
We've spent around 45 minutes until we reached the waterfall, with the mention that we stopped often to take pictures or even to simply admire the surroundings, so if you don't stop you will reach it in no time!

A thing that made me deem the waterfall more wonderful than Cascada Urlatoarea (The Howling Waterfall) which is considered the most famous one from Bucegi Mountains, is the altitude from where the water flows, as well as the many tiny waterfalls which are being formed and which make the whole landscape be covered by water.

This is, without any doubts, a great experience to have.


In order to make it to Cascada Valea Spumoasă (Foamy Valley Waterfall), you have to follow the national road DN1 until you reach Busteni, then get all the way to Silva Hotel -> the cable car Busteni (885 meters altitude) -> follow the way to Cascada Urlatoarea until you reach the first bifurcation and chase the path on the righ into the woods. Over here start following the blue cross marker until you run into another road sign and from here chase the unmarked trail, rusty pipelines on the left and get into the forest until you find Refugiul Salvamont Busteni (1141 meters altitude) which is located quite in front of the waterfall.




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