Let's travel together #187 - Cheile Râșnoavei (Rasnoavei Gorges)

If you are looking for a perfect natural setting for mountain sports and leisure activities, you don't need a specific destination and to drive hundreds of kilometers away but only look out for what nature has to offer and run into the woods for a proper experience.


Along with our journeys we often pass through one of these places where the path gets narrower, the city is being left behind, if you let down one of the windows you hear the water making its space between the rocks, and slowly the grey landscape turns into a fresh green which makes our eyes barely keep up with the image that is moving so fast.
Unfortunately, being completely lost staring at the GPS which is announcing us how many km we have left until we reach the destination we've set, we almost forget that we are surrounded by nature even during our drive, not just when we reach the whither, but in the end what truly makes our heart happy, are not the destinations themselves but the feeling you get while you are in nature.
Because you know what I love the most?
How closely nature linked with mentality is.
And how a simple walk in the woods can calm anxiety, sitting and dropping stones into a lake can ease anger, even taking time to pot some plants and look after them can keep my mind occupied from dissociation.

It's like the earth is the oldest psychiatrist of all, and it is always there to talk to, giving me a constant free prescription. Isn't that beautiful?


And again, I'm not talking about a specific location, even though the place from the pictures attached does have a name. But we don't need a waterfall, a cave, a mountain peak, a lake, or any other destination that makes tourists come and check it out to make them feel in a way or another, because, overall, some trees, a tiny river falling over the rocks, and the sung of the birds, is the perfect prescription to feel more calm and relaxed and leave behind any dark thoughts you had before.

Just like I said, our destination was a completely different one, but somehow the road brought us in front of a small part of nature which is quite unknown for most people, and it's called Cheile Râșnoavei (EN: Rasnoavei Gorges).
The wonderful gorges are located around 10 km from the city we explored before, called Rasnov, on the west side of the Postavaru Mountains (1799 m).
While Rasnov is already popular for the famous citadel and one of the must-see caves of the area, people tend to forget to explore the surroundings for even more memorable moments and ways to connect with nature.
However, whether you are looking to relax or to enjoy a more active day with a little bit of adrenaline, Rasnoavei Gorges is the ideal place for a family day out.
The single period when the area is a little bit more crowded than usual is during the summer due to the locals and people who live nearby and want to enjoy the fresh air of the mountains while making some BBQ and having picnics along the stream while the bravest tourists climb all the way up the abrupt wall or even do bungee jumping.

A friendlier activity that you could enjoy and which can be experienced by anyone is to take a forest walk with a horse that can be rent from a centre located nearby and often takes tourists in the saddle.


The single place where we could find more about these activities were written on the rusty walls of a construction that only the passage of time knows what was supposed to be, but there are lots of phone numbers and details on the internet which can bring a little light into your mind if you are interested into doing something else other than just relaxing and admiring the greenery landscape as we did.

What made me fall in love with the gorges is not only how beautiful they are but also the region where they are located that represent a real potential and opportunity for the tourist sites in the vicinity and for the tourists themselves who are trying to stay away from daily routines.
Being a cool climate, wind-free area, Rasnoavei Gorges is a very friendly place for tourists who want to easily practice climbing while the average temperature is between 22-27°C and the rainiest month is June.
So you don't have to worry or even think about the 35-40°C you usually have in any city of Romania during the summer.
Since nature already surprised us with many other things, the gorges have been formed by the tiny river which seems way too small to have the power to broke the stone walls and create what people get to see while they explore the area - but it's real.
Along with the green scenery and the river which maintains everything fresh even during the summer, there are several meadows which can be used for free camping and various guesthouses that have been built nearby which make people stay safe from the possibility of not finding a room where to spend the night.

The huge stone walls are composed of limestone, which as I mentioned before they are featuring climbing, cracks and overhangs that can be used even by the less experienced alpinists and that represent a sightseeing attraction for all lovers of adrenaline and extreme sports.


As much as we love adrenaline and even though we experienced a similar activity in the past, we preferred to take a slow drive into the forest and stare out the window while filling our lungs with fresh air, but there are also other possibilities to explore the surroundings because the gorges have around 100 routes that lead to all kind of locations and which are ranging from very easy to very hard trails.

Anyway, what I'm trying to share is that we should appreciate nature in every single moment of our lives, not only when we visit it or when we see it on fire caused by different reasons, not only when we have a destination or when we are able to discover something unique in the world, but every single day. Even when we sit in front of the window at home and see a small portion of grass or a tree, because overall, it's still nature, and it's definitely worth more respect and appreciation from all of us.

The best way to reach the gorges is to follow the national road DN73A from Rasnov towards Predeal and then after you reach Cheia Lodge turn left. However, pay attention because the county road has several junctions and you must keep the main road until you reach a barrier where is also a parking lot if you would like to stop the car and take a walk between the gorgeous rocks which are not too long and have just a few hundreds of meters.




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