Kalk Bay South Africa: Eating Authentic Slap Chips and Walking in the Beautiful Streets

After various lockdowns in South Africa, we are starting to get out again. Some are a little hesitant, but with vaccinations getting up to scratch to the rest of the world, more people (me included) are going out and supporting local industries. One such classic industry in South Africa is our traditional take on fish and chips. Slap chips are a must for anyone visiting the coastal areas, and this has been the first time in a year or so since I visited this side of the mountain again. So please see my travels in this beautiful city and how we explored the streets for a bit!


Entering Kalk Bay: A must visit to Kalky's Fish and Chips

Before entering the city of Kalk bay, if you drive over the mountain, you are greeted with this stunning view:


The ocean below looks so inviting, but if you can see in the distance below the clouds, the mountains are white with snow. There fell some snow in the last two days, and the whole region is freezing, but this did not hinder us to travel a bit.

When you stop at the harbour where you can buy awesome fresh fish, you are greeted with a pleasant view. The ships in the harbour, the mountain at your back and the smell of the sea. Today was a very pleasant day with no wind and we walked down the pier before going to Kalky's. On the walk, you are greeted by various animals and pretty scenery, i.e. the ships.









After the walk, we couldn't resist the smell of the slap chips wafting alongside the smell of the fish and sea. As always, you get more chips than fish, because this delicacy is something you do not find everywhere. Slap chips, in contrast to what people normally think of when they eat chips or french fries, is drenched in vinegar, it is oily and not crispy at all. You have to try it to understand the taste and texture. It is something out of this world. The fish was also so good. We have fresh line fish, yellowtail, and calamari. Thinking back, I am still drooling for more!





Walking in the Streets: Streets Filled with Antiques

The city is built on the opposite of the railway station, as you can see in the image below. It is interesting to hear the train every so often passing because as any South African knows, public transport is not something common. Or, someone from a city where there is no trains close by, you get shaken every time the train goes by!


There are so many antique and quaint little shops on the main road. I just looked at all of the nice things, because everything is so expensive! Who would have guessed that old things could be so valuable.




The streets are so nice to walk through. Some have this old-timey feeling, something I am not used to. I love to stroll through the streets and look at the old buildings (not as old as those in other parts of the world though). There is a beautiful old church with big trees looking over the ocean.




Walking down the streets, I found this beautiful mosaic-type painting and building. The painting itself looked old. I see it was painted in 2002. But it was really pretty.



Having a beer and looking at the ocean

To get to the ocean and the bar on the beach, you need to walk underneath the train tracks. There isn't much of a beach, and it was way too cold to walk with our feet in the ocean water, but a beer seemed not too cold! With such a stunning view, you cannot not get a beer and appreciate it.




All in all, it was such a fun trip. Have you ever been here? Have you ever had real slap chips? I hope you are traveling safely and having a cold beer! Stay safe.

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